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Friday, February 11, 2005

   soo... tired...
Well, today is Thursday. It was a minimum day at school and tomorrow I will have no school! *yesh!*
Well, as always, I'm sooo tired! Haha, but that's not the point...
Since we're not going to be in school on Monday, aka St.Valentines day, cause it overlaps president's day, everyone was giving eachother their valentines cards and candy and stuff. I gave nothing, exept for hugs. Lee gave me another bag of butterfingsrs *hugs butterfingers* I love lee for that ^^
Anyways, today I got a site running on geocities. And its looking better than this one! Haha, well, I still need a few things. For starters, a menu on the side. So for you site-owners, if you know how to add a menu to your site, please tell me so. I will be enternally grateful... I also want to set up a guestbook. If you could help me out on that as well, I'll be even more grateful. If not, I'll ask my friend, he had a page of his own running about for a while...
BUt on the other hand, the other site's music is WAY better. I can't even describe it, you would have to check it out by yourself. And my BG looks awesome. Okay not the best, but it looks the way I wanted it to look here.
Anyways, today was my first day on it, so it might not be the best.
But if you want to go check it out, click here.
Well, please go check it out, and tell me if I'm missing anything (besides more pages and a menu ...^^) I promise I'll go visit you guys' sites tomorrow, when I'm rested and have more energy in me. But for now, I shall let you all go free...
Signing Out
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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