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Friday, February 4, 2005

   its... FRIDAY!
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Yesh! Today's Friday. And maņana is saturday! SATURDAY!
Yeah, once again, sorry for not visiting, but school's a killer. But there'll be time for that today ^^
Nuthing much this week. We watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? in Kholer's class. heh, nothing better than Clooney and Kholer, both in the same room! Haha, just kidding people. Yeah, sure, I think Kholer's pretty sweet looking, and he'd be my type, IF only he was WAY younger.... and wasn't my teacher, lol. And Clooney, ah *sight* We can all dream, right? Heh, my friend makes fun of me cause I think he's handsome, and she thinks he's an old fart (he is old, but like wine, the older he gets the better ^^) So what? She thinks eminem is the hottest man on earth! And, believe me, he's not. Cute, yeah sure, I won't fight that, but hot? NO-O-OOO!
Here, I'll let you guys decide...

George Clooney or Eminem?

Or better yet...

Master Orlando Bloom ,neh?

Haha, just kidding, people. But I know a few girls who'll enjoy that. That's why I put it. I'm not one of those girls who are obsessed with celebreties. Believe me, there are plenty of dorks that keep me satisfied in this town...
Haha, speaking of dorks, I just remembered what freakin Nicolas was doing yesterday. We danced together yesterday. At the end of the dance we were doing, the guy puts his hand around the girl's waist and yells "EY!" But every time he'd grab my waist and wouldn't let go, and he'd just be kinda squishing & feeling my waist with his hand. And since we kept on messing up in the last part, he did that some 4 times before I turned around at him, and he just gave me his goofy smile. As a result, on the last time we practiced, instead of putting his hand around my waist, he came from behind and poked both my sides. I screamed so loud, he was just laughing. And so did I, haha, I couldn't resist, I sounded all funny when I screamed. But I called him a menso, and I think that's why he didn't dance with me today. I didn't meant it, but he really should'nt have gone groaping my sides either... Oh wellz. I'll just wait untill I have my own personal revenge *MWAHAHAAH!*
Well, I dunno what I'll post maņana, but I think I'll post the Laws of Rodenthood. The last time I posted it, only 1 person saw it (heh, it was when I was a rookie) I'm not a rookie anymore, more like a sophomore. Not in the begginer level, but definately not experienced enough to become a "senior" But I'll leave you guys with that thought.
Today's Question is:
Who do you think is better looking in the pictures above?
Peace, man, PEACE!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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