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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Wow, I'm dizzy. Just out on nowhere I got dizzy again. Damn, I'm tired of getting dizzy and sick.
Well, anyways, just in case some of you guys didn't notice, I decided to change my avi. I got this neat wallpaper, and I liked it so much I decided to make an avi out of it. I wish I could post the whole pic, but I still need to get my site from geocities. But yeah. Tellme what you guys think (and, I know, it doesn't match the rest of the site...)
But continuing. Today we danced El Tlaquachito in dance (translation: the small possum) *grumble brumble* I hate possums... But I like the dance. Its neat, you do this cool shuffle step with your feet. I was dancing with Nicolas today, and realized that he's as tall as me, so I might get to dance with that little twig (dude, he's sooooooo skinny, I was like *0.0* where's the rest of your body? when I first met him!!!) Anyways, that was fun.
After dance, I went over to the library to write notes for the presentation for PE (so stupid) But he decided to follow Unice and me to the library. He's such a dork. He was telling us how he didn't get guys who liked asses with "butt floss" as he called it, and how he preffered legs over boobes, although the were "nice". He's so immature... but funny.
Well, nothing more, really. My stomach is hurting again, it sucks.
Oh, yesh. Has anoyone heard The Widow by the Mars Volta? (I think that's what its called) If so, tell me what you guys think of it, I think its pretty cool.
Hmmm, I guess I'll leave you with one more question of the day...
Who is your favorite artist/band, and which is your favorite song?

Or for you dorks like me who can't decide, what's your favorite genre?
Okay, that'll be enough for today.
Fly away, little gerbils, YOU ARE FREE!!!!
~~ Bad Gerbil Sakura Ryuu
Ride On Shooting Star- The Pillows
its the band that plays the ending theme on FLCL
they're awesome!

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