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Monday, January 31, 2005

   once again... *¡YIAAHAHAHAH!*
Well, today was my preformance at the mall. heh, it sucked, a bit. Our stage was tiny, barely enough for two people to dance on (and there were 7 of us at one point) The floor was soooo slippery. I almost fell twice. But thank God the jarito didn't fall and break.
Haha, it was so funny. All the mexican guys were just staring at us while we were waiting to get onstage. A group of them even whistled at us. Such dorks! But everyone was like "WHOA!* when they saw us get onstage with the jaritos and lit candles balanced on our heads, esp when they saw us get off without them falling...
Anyways, MY DADDY'S HOME!! WEEEeEEeEe! Aww, he smells like Mexico! And so does the kitchen. He brought us Mexican bread *yesh!* Mexican cheese *gross, chesse...* and, best, but not least... Mexican Candy *WEEeeEEe!* He brought all kinds of that. Most of it is dried fruit covered in sugar, but he also brought me borrachitos! *so good* They're these little pillows made out of a fruty wiskey cream covered in SUGAR! *notice the sugar*
I feel so special right now. My aunt tia Tere gave me a quinceañera present. She's really old, and hardly has any money for herself, but she still managed to get me something so special. She got me a sarape and a reboso (a sarape is like a poncho thing, but its the traditional thing, and a reboso is like a shawl.) Its the tradition to give fifteen-year old girls these two presents. A gir who wears either one shows that she no longer is a girl, but, if not, a young woman. It shows her maturity, as well as the fact that she can now date. These things are suppose to be every woman's possesion, either poor or rich. I thought I wasn't getting one, seeing as the stupid people are letting the tradition die. But when I saw them, I was so happy. Especially since they're from my tia tere. I love her so much!
Well, my sarape is black with *guess* MAROON! *yesh!* Well, its more of a burgundy red, but I like to call that maroon! Its double sided, and it has a pretty leaf pattern. My reboso is pure white, which is great cause it matches half of my outfits. Both of them are so pretty, and my sarape is so warm! I'm wearing it to school tomorrow, I don't care if the STUPID white guys call me a "beaner". Why? Cause I am! *smiles* No, dude, its kinda funny. For me, my meal is not complete if there's not a side of good-ol' fresh cooked beans ^^ (oh, and abut the stupid white guys, I mean no offence, but there's a group of cacasian boys at my school that are such assholes to the mexicans. But I'm cool with anyone, no matter who they are, as long as they dont diss me...)
Well, that's all for today. Oh, and I've been getting complaints from the word "gerbil". To be called a gerbil is an honor. But I will have respect for you radioactive oranges out there. So...
Farewell, dear gerbils and radioactive oranges/rabid things!
Signing Off...
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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