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Sunday, January 30, 2005

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Well, I said I would post a pic yeshterday, but I didn't... and I admit this time it was mostly cause of lazyness...
Well, today was full of more chores and homework (see, everyday routine...) Exept that I saw German today at church...
DUDE! I had no idea he could possibly get any hotter than he already had been before he left to PVHS! I am dead serious, Geman can perfectly be named the hottest guy in all of freakin PVHS!
I am soo bad with him. Dude, the moment I saw him I started laughin to myself. My mom was like "what's so funny? YOU"RE IN MASS! PAY ATTENTION!" Me and him were okay friends. We used to sit together in Science in eith grade (whoa, that was such a long time ago.... I feel old...) Well, anyways. I always tend to have unexplainable embarassing moments with him. I member one time, he was crossing by my chair, and I was gonna pull it out to sit on it. Only thing is, he crossed right in front of my chair, and since stupid me wasn't looking, I accidentally grabbed his crotch! I immediately let go and could feel myself getting all red and stuff. I don't think I looked at him for a while, untill he talked back to me about an hour after the incident. Haha, that was so embarassing... but hilarious.
Since the begining of time, he babtized me under the title of Evil, after my various wiked plans for deathtrapped roller coasters. Last year, when we went to six flags for the AVID trip, we were sitting in the bus when I accidentally threw Bobina the female Penguin at his head. Later that day, when we were eating at Wendys, he comes up to me and splashes my face with water. I was left completeley defenceless untill he turned his back and I tried slapping him. But I was sitting down and he was up, and my hand slapped his ass, making a whip-like sound. Hazzel was like "OOO! Slap that ass, so sexy!"
He just turned back, laughing at me in disbelief. I just turned all red... once again... Well, anyways, when I was walking out of church, he just kinda went aside of me and called me Evil. I told him I took that as a compliment. And from him, it is...I miss that bastard so much, as well as all my other friends from PVHS... especiall Yoya and Michi and Lei Anne *sniffle sniff sniss*
Well, Daily picture, here we come!!!
Today's image is that of the Ethel Pope Auditorium in SMHS! (aka, my high school) No, the office is not in there, no we do not host dances in there, no we do not have many meetings and stuff there, but yes, there are times when its half full cause there isn't any more room in OCS(on campus suspencion for you weird ISS ppl...)
Its the oldest building in school, and yes, my last presentation was in here.
It is said that the ghost of a chick lives in here. Sometime in the 60's, there was a girl who was to play the main character in that year's annual school play. Supposedly, she was in a rush, and had a car accident a block away (some say it was in west park, others say it was in front of broadway) Point is, since she was in such a hurry, she left the car as if nothing and ran to the play. Her parents were already in the auditorium waiting for the show to begin, and they saw her do all the acts as if nothing. But when they got home, they got a phone call from the hospital, telling them that their daughter had died in an accident around five-thirty-ish. But how was that possible, if she was in all the acts in the play at 6, when the show started?
Its scary in those rooms. the basement is full of doors that have been locked for more than fifteen years cause the distric is so damn lazy to look for the skeleton key. Last year, Marky and yoya and me were playing hide and seek in there witht he lights off after school(it was raining, that's why I hadn't gone home...)There's a piaon on stage when the band rehearses in there. That day they weren't there, but we hear something fall over the piano's keys. When we got there, there was nothing on them... and no one was around us either, all the band members were upstairs. And, supposedly the chick's spirit is suppose to inhabit in there. But what's even more scary is this. Every year, the dance team holds a show in there. As usual, Amezcua takes pictures of everyone before and after the shows. He's always so picky with his pics, and he NEVER allows anyone behind us when he's taking the picture (haha, he was screaming at the righetto students to move in our last show when he was taking a pic) But, somehow, all throughout the 9 years he's been taking pictures in there, there's always one person standing in the backround. Never out front, just lingering around the shadows. And that same person seems to be the same person in the pictures from other events in that room, especially for the drama club pictures. I haven't seen those, but I have seen some of the ones Amezcua has. A few months ago, I was telling my friends about it, and they didn't believe me. They went over to the library to check out that year's yearbook. We were flipping throught he pages when we see the drama page. It was scary, cause in one page it has the picture of the play, but when you flip the page over, there's a poem dedicated "In Memory of our lost ones" with a picture of the same chick in the previous page.. really freaky, really...
Well, those are me two stories of the day. Haha, this was suppose to be a "short" post. Guess it turned out otherwise. But yeah. I'll let you go now, all freaked out and stuff. And I swear, those things I told you are completeley real things that I have experienced. I'd tell you guys more of the things I've heard, but I haven't had such situations, therefore, why would I put them if there's the possibility of a lie in them???
Anyways, I'll let you freaked out gerbils go now
Hasta la Vista!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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