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Friday, January 28, 2005

   so sorry
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get online, and even more for not visiting you guys. This week has been full of homework and such, that its been hard, even to turn on the computer for music, cause of lack of time...
Anyways, continuing with the line of my life activities.. I went to the doctor for that check-up, due to those mysterious dizzy spells and stomach aches (yesh, I've been living with them for the past month...) Tuns out.. because of my adiction to zytrec, my body is now rejecting it. Okay, no, I'm not "addicted" to it. Jonson told me to take it when I felt the sniffles coming on early in the morn, but I take it every day, whether I feel sick or not. And that's why I make my own little joke that I'm addicted to zytrec, but I'm not. But point is, I am now unable to take any zytrec, despite the fact that its the only allergy medicine that actually works and doesn't put me to sleep...
Other than that, we had to write an essay for World Lit, that described an unforgettable event in our lives. Before they were due, Kholer made us get into groups and choose the best essay in the group so that that person reads their essay in front of the class. My group decied I should read mine, and I woud have not had any problems with that. Exept with the fact that I wrote about my grandmother's death and how ever since then I've been questioning death itself. I had no idea we were suppose to share our essays, and I wrotre it only for Kohler's eyes and ears and mine. But they eventually made me read it. I noticed that a lot of ppl were silent while I read it, and I even managed to get Graciela to cry. I guess Kholer liked it, too. The next day he came up to me and suggested me read this book that he found rather interesting, and seemed to have a relation to my essay. First thing I noticed was that his copy was full of post-its and notes poking out of the pages, which is weird for me cause most teachers keep their reading-material all neat with a simple bookmark popping out. He offered to make me a copy of a few sections of the book, and I agreed. He gave me the copy yesterday. I didn't noticed how into it I was untill I flipped the last page and noticed he didn't finish copying the rest of the book. Its really interesting, combining both logic and religion together. The book is called The Divine Conspiracy. I dunno if its author is Catholic or of another Christian religion, but it doesn't matter. Its really interesting, and I'm gonna go check it out at the library.
Hmm... what else? Oh yesh, this Sunday we have a presentation at the mall. I'll be doing San Pedreņo and Alazanas. What sucks is that I'm in front for most of the dance in Alazanas. I don't mind being the center of attention (yesh, I know, so modest...) but its the fact that I'm not really good with that dance that makes me nervous. Therefore, I guess in this case, I'm not really exited of being in front. Oh wellz.
Perhaps the most important news for today is that my daddy's coming back from Mexico this Sunday afternoon, as well. *YAAAY!* I've missed him so much!
Anyways, I have to go now. Dinner's a-shouting, and I'm hungry. I'll come back in a bit and put up a pic and visit you lovely gerbils,.
Ta-ta for now!
~~ Sakura Ryuu

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