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Monday, January 24, 2005

well, first of all, sorry I haven't posted anything since thursday. I've had other things going on this weekend, and, well... I guess I just didn't found the right time to get online. Just to prove that my life does not revolve around the computer...(amazing, isn't it?!?)
Well, friday, I came home exhausted. I bathed, ate dinner, and fell asleep. Saturday, I woke up late and did choresk, went to church, and had some visitors untill ten. I usually watch something (MXC!!!) untill 11:30 (after futurama), when I get ready for bed. I get everything ready before FMA, so that by the time cowboy bebop is over, I can hit my bed directly with undisturbed sleep. But my mom got up and made me go to my bed before time. I was gonna sneak up anyways, but the cozyness of my bed trapped me, and I was unable to get up to watch any of my shows :(
Well, today, once again, I got up late, did chores (yet again...) showered, and went out to eat with my mom. Afterwards, we went to wal-mart for some supplies (die DIE DIE WALMART!!!!) we went over to visit my grandpa, and we just came back. And, as usual, I still have homework to finish. But its not that much.... I've already given up on doing notes for fridays.
yeah, pretty boring, aint it? Well, those are my weekends. Next week, I have a presentation at the mall for "multicultural week". I dunno when, the event takes place from 12 to 4, but I doubt it very much we'll be dancing all 4 hrs. But that's not all that important. My daddy's coming back from mexico the same day, late at night. I've missed him so much. I can't wait to see him! And to tell him I've made it to the texas trip ^.^
Well, I guess all I need to do is post the daily picture of the day, isn't it?...
Radioactive Squirrel
Sakura Ryuu is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com
* tun tun tuuuuuuun!!!*

Okay, so its not really a picture... But its still funny! haha.
Oh yesh, I almost forgot. Friday a school, me and yadira were sitting in her chem class during break, where out of nowhere... LEE pops out *eek!* that was disturbing, I swear, I think he stalks on me! So there we were, just talking about random crap and his story like usual(I helped write part of it ^^) when out of nowhere, Yadira looks straight into lee's eyes and asks "do you like laura???" I was so embarassed, I couldn't look back to lee's side. ( I don't like lee, but I don't like ppl asking guys if they likes me either...) I wasn't pissed at yadira, I was just... disturbed. Well, afterwards, she left us alone, leaving more embarassing time between us, and then the bell rang *who-pee* Well, that was the my story of the day. Hope you enjoyed it! (heha, I didn't...)
Ok, I'll let you mean gerbils go now...
íHasta la Vista!
and don't forget to stay safe! *wink wink*
Hostess Sakura Ryuu

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