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Friday, September 14, 2007

   Over a year...
since my last post!

Holy ShizNits! hahaha
well, dear otakuians, Sakura Ryuu is back in buzinezz... for now. yeah. I was bored tonight, so I thought, hey! I have a bunch of pretty pictures. I know, lets edit them for MyOtaku!
and thus, I got online
remodled this old dustbin
added some cool tunes
and, VOILA!
it feels good to be back in business.
yeah, life has changed for me drastically! I made new best friends, fell in love with one of them, had my heart broken, learned the meaning of both hate and forgiveness, and notw I'm starting life again from scratch. Yep. its called "college" people! Yeah, scary, eh? I remember I got this profile when I was a freshman in high school. Now I'll be a freshman in college. AAH!!!
Well, people, I'm sure you've all changed drastically as well. please, keep me updated!!! I noticed fixed backgrounds don't work anymore, why is that? WHY?! WAAA!
okay, long post, hehe. its almost two in the morn. I think I'll go to sleep now!

Glad to be Back!
!~Sakura Ryuu

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