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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Hello all!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I haven't been on -__-' MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY BELOVED FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! Only 30 more days till I'm 15 XD I'm excited lol
oh oh oh and I have Boyfriend now *smiles happily* He's the most awesome guy ever and his name is John XD Not to mention he hates Sasuke like I do and he's a fan of Gaara^^ (his names on Myspace is Emo master Gaara XD) Some times he's way to nice for his own good -__-
*sigh* High school sucks to the extreme and yeah... we just had finals last week and it was nerve racking but maybe it was just me cuz I worry about my grades (not all the time thought hahaha)
So how was ur Christmas? I hope you guys had a good one^^ Hugs and Cookies for all and I hope to talk to yall later
pic of the day
Gaara and Sakura 7
christmas sakura

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