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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good god, does the crazyness ever end?! Dx

Okay, I have good news and bad news. We'll do good news first since I wont make it through the bad news long enough to keep typing.

GOOD NEWS: I got a new computer!
My uncle found out I was trying to build something that would run my games so he brought over all these old parts he had and said I could have them. It only took a $42 hard drive and a $20 keyboard (it's one of those squishy silicone ones xD)to get it up and running.

I can FINALLY run Warcraft 3 PERFECTLY and Age of Empires 3 with only some of the graphics turned down. Yippie!

Alsooo, my decorating is almost doooone. Finally. Next: Baking! Whenever my mom decides to be home long enough to help me, that is...

And now for the bad news....
I have this little white male ferret named Kodo. He is 7-8 years old (ancient in ferret years)and has been rapidly going downhill for the past week or so. Today he was having massive seizures so he had to be put down.
I probably should've done it sooner but it's hard, ya know?
Life sucks at this particular moment. ;_;

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Friday, November 27, 2009

That is my brain right now.

I haven't been neglecting MyO, I promise! D:
Okay, maybe I have a little but that comes with holidays.

The past week has been nothing but cleaning and having people over for Thanksgiving and now I get to clean, again, and decorate for Christmas.
I got a lot of it done then found out I was out of extension cords, stick up hook things, scotch tape, etc. Baaah. ~_~

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have leftover turkey to gnaw on.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

A few days ago I was talking to my boyfriend about this manga called Alive. It's a sci-fi written by Tadashi Kawashima and illustrated by Adachitoka about this virus/parasite thing that causes its human host to commit suicide, with those capable of resisting gaining weird super powers.

I started reading it over a year ago when I was in Oregon but, upon moving back to Pennsylvania, I discovered that no one knew what it was let alone where to find it. I thought it was doomed to stay on a dusty shelf in the corner of my mind until I had the funds to buy the whole series online.

Enter the mail guy.

I received the first five books of Alive, for FREE, from Jason Thompson. Who's Jason Thompson and why would he send me free manga, you ask? He would be the guy running the 365 Days of Manga contest over at Suvudu.com

He's giving away five manga a day for an entire year so plug that little gem into your navigation bar (or click the picture below if you're lazy), sign up and you too could win five FREE manga.

Thanks, Jason. You are epic. <3

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrrrrr
I mostly finished my Christmas shopping just now. Lol.
Half.com is amazing, new stuff for cheap is amazing, my boyfriend is amazing and I still have $30 to spend on him so life is pretty epic at this particular moment.

This will be the third Christmas we've been together but only the first that we've been able to buy more than one or two presents. We're poor as shit so, yeah, I'm pretty psyched about a whopping $60 each left over from the con we helped staff back in September.

I'm also pretty psyched that there will be a dozen wrapped presents that he cannot touch sitting at the end of the bed for a month and a half. LET THE TORTURE BEGIN. :D

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smell my feet
So, I went to a Halloween party for the first time in six years. It wasn't a huge party, just three friends, two siblings and my boyfriend, but it was fun nonetheless.
We hung out for a bit and talked, threw some candy at small children (Tiny ninja = Adorable. Give him to me.), then left the candy spewing bucket with the host's brother so we could go scour the streets for victims old people giving away sugar.

I was dressed as Shikamaru. It was 48 degrees. Cold much? I think so.
I chased a cat half the time who decided to screw with me by purring and meowing but staying just out of reach. It was like that cat retrieval episode only with Shikamaru on crack caffeine.

Speaking of which, laziest character plus ecstasy/crack/caffeine/what have you equals? We've all decided a psychopath, closet pervert.
Shadow possession: Not just for trapping foes anymore.

I need to brush my teeth. I can feel them rotting.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I went to our local farm supply store with my mom on Tuesday and while I meandered about the aisles, my mom was talking to the cashier.
We go there often enough that I know to just get what I need, plop it on the counter and wait for them to finish. Turns out, today they were talking about me.

The cashier had a red and white, 7 year old, 38" pony mare that needed a little TLC and some major cart training. She had been manhandled by a group of boys over the summer and was about to blow a fuse so, if I wanted a challenge, I could have her. For FREE.
I have to de-spook her, teach her some manners and retrain her to pull a cart WITHOUT trying to kill it in the process.

Her name is Gypsy and pony boot camp has begun.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Today's stupidity: Emo
I hate emo.
Not the music, not the bands, the clothing, the hairstyles, the fad... I hate the fakers who use depression as an attention grabber. I hate the faggots who write disturbed "poetry" and leave it all over their desks for someone to "find" and talk to them about. I hate the dipshits who cut then show of their scars and brag about it to their friends. I hate the assholes that, because of these fakers, tell the people who are really depressed and really need help "Shut up, emo kid. Your life isn't that bad."

Maybe their life isn't that bad but how many never got the help they needed because someone told them to shut up when they sought it? How many went from moderately depressed to suicidal because no one cared enough to even attempt assistance? How many went through with it and died because "Shut up, emo kid." were the only words they could hear? Too many.

I've been depressed since I was ten. I didn't know what it was then, only that I didn't feel right. I was 15 before this feeling really had a word but I still couldn't understand how one simple word could make me feel like dying. I didn't want to kill myself, I just wanted to sleep and never wake up.

At 17 I had gotten into a screaming match with my mother because I felt like she never cared. Halfway in I begged her, pleaded her, to take me to a therapist because she wasn't listening to a word I was saying even after I flat out told her I was afraid I'd really hurt myself.
Can you guess what she said to me? "Shut up, your life isn't that bad."

Looking back now, it wasn't. My life was ten times better then than it is now; however, I still felt the same and I have never been physically hit with any blow that had the impact those words did.

I didn't stop being depressed that day. I didn't stop feeling like I was dying, I simply stopped looking for help.
I reasoned that if my own mother hated me in the same way everyone else did, there wasn't any help out there for me. Foolish? Probably. Depression isn't one for making sense.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's nemesis: Stew
It's amazing how one serving of bad food can ruin you for days.
I swear, it looked fine, smelled fine, tasted fine... But it destroyed my stomach. Up and down the stairs all night long, alternating between which end acid came out of. Not fun at all.
I still don't feel a hundred percent yet but I'm ignoring it and forcing my stomach to get over itself.

I suppose that's why today's just been a generally crappy day. Nothing major happened, in fact I had a whole four hours to myself in an empty house, but I feel pretty depressed.
Though, I did work most of those four hours and it went completely unnoticed again. That might have something to do with it.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's lesson: Unreliability
People being "fired" from volunteer work has always amused me. If one gets in free to an event with the knowledge that they will be paying with physical worth and not financial then lazes about thinking they'll get away with it, well... Let's just say my letter of recommendation will not contain kind words.

I find it quite odd though that most aren't willing to put in the effort. They whine about the most menial task instead of jumping at the opportunity to assist in any way they can, thus bettering those they help and themselves.
Is it not insulting to them to be considered lazy and unreliable? Should they not wish to prove that they are a honest and dependable worker who will go above and beyond to accomplish tasks that have been placed upon them? Well, then, I'll take all the credit and praise, thanks. I don't need it but they surely don't deserve it.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

This page shall soon see a new use. Soon it shall be born anew. Soon it shall LIVE! RISE FROM THE ASHES OF OBLIVION AND DO MY BIDDING ONCE AGAIN!
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