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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 04/21/05:
Emeralds are so pretty,but my birthstone,Topaz,is prettier! Any gem is alright by me,though. They're all so pretty!^^

! You are most like An Emerald ! Caring, giving, - and very emotional. You're the
person people turn to with a problem. You worry about
everybody, and genuinely want to help - a little too much
sometimes. As an emerald, you tend to take a more backseat to
the other gems, but your inner beauty soon captivates those
who take the time to get to know you. Congratulations ... You're the selfless gem
everybody needs as a friend.

?? Which Precious Gem Are You ??
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Result Posted on 04/21/05:
Phoenix wings... Phoenixes are my fav. make-beileve animal!! YAY!!!^^

You are a PHOENIX in your soul and your
wings make a statement. Huge and born of flame,
they burn with light and power and rebirth.
Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are an
amazingly strong person. You survive, even
flourish in adversity and hardship. A firm
believer in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't kill
you only makes you stronger,' you rarely fear
failure. You know that any mistake you make
will teach you more about yourself and allow
you to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greater
being. Because of this, you rarely make the
same mistake twice, and are not among the most
forgiving people. You're extremely powerful and
wise, and are capable of fierce pride, passion,
and anger. Perhaps you're this way because you
were forced to survive a rough childhood. Or
maybe you just have a strong grasp on reality
and know that life is tough and the world is
cruel, and it takes strength and independence
to survive it. And independence is your
strongest point - you may care for others, and
even depend on them...but when it comes right
down to it, the only one you need is yourself.
Thus you trust your own intuition, and rely on
a mind almost as brilliant as the fire of your
wings to guide you.You are eternal and because
you have a strong sense of who and what you
are, no one can control your heart or mind, or
even really influence your thinking. A symbol
of rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a very
spiritual person with a serious mind - never
acting immature and harboring a superior
disgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity's
stupidity and tendency to want others to solve
their problems for them frustrates you
endlessly. Though you can be stubborn,
outspoken, and haughty, I admire you greatly. Image Source: stp.ling.uu.se/ ~klasp/Boris.html

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Result Posted on 04/20/05:

You are most like Sandy!
Find out Which Ham Ham you are.

Result Posted on 04/20/05:
No suprise there. I must really act a lot like Venus.^-^

You are most like Venus Overall!
Find out Which Senshi you are.

Result Posted on 04/20/05:
Haha,Neptune's my 3rd fav.scout.^^ This is the first time i've gotten anything but Venus. Feels weird..

You are most like Neptune!
Find out Which Outer Senshi you are.

Result Posted on 04/20/05:
The 50th senshi quiz ive taken,and i'm Sailor Venus.^^ WELL DUH!!!!!!

You are most like Venus!
Find out Which Inner Senshi you are.

Result Posted on 04/19/05:

Take the quiz: "What does your birth month reveal about you?"

Has lots of extraordinary ideas. Difficult to fathom. Think forward. Unique. brilliant. Sharp thinking. Fine, strong clairvoyance. make good doctors. Dynamic. Secretive. Inquisitive. Know how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative. amiable. Brave. generous. Patient. Stubborn. hardhearted. Determined. Never quit. Hardly become angry unless provoked. Love to be alone. Think differently. Sharp-minded. Motivate self. Dont appreciate praises. High spirited. Well-built, tough. Deep emotions. . Uncertain in relationships. . Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest. Keepsecrets. Can't control emotions. Unpredictable.

Result Posted on 04/19/05:

Take the quiz: "What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)"

You have eden eyes. Eden is the color of water. Your eyes symbolize your great flexibility. You are a creative person. You can think of many good ways to get your point across to people as you have very good communication abilities. When someone feels down or is hurt, you have the remarkable ability to help them and heal them. If you have too little going on in your life, you may be withdrawn and depressed, timid, manipulative, unreliable, stubborn, or suspicious. Some words to describe you: peaceful, sincere, affectionate, tranquil, intuitive, trustworthy, pure, loyal, healing, and stable.

Result Posted on 04/19/05:

What do people really think about you? by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're sleeping around
Strangers thinkYou're hot
Friends thinkYou're wonderful
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Result Posted on 04/09/05:

Take the quiz: "Which Tokyo Mew Mew charactor are you?"

Just like me :) Your Ichigo the leader of the group.You are sweet.cute, and sometimes a crybaby.

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