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Sunday, May 3, 2009

   wow its like the apocalypse lol


like this is my first time back in forever

ummmm hi?

im prob gonna delete my site

but if ur still around....

PM ME!!!! or something

luv yaaaaaaaaaa <3

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Monday, May 12, 2008


its been forever since i last updated soooo ya not much going on
except that myo finally got its pm back
so i guess its finally wakin up from the coma
i hope ppl start comming back tho i miss ya'll

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

   i decided..

that im not gonna post anymore for a while...since pretty much everyones gone....
but u guys can still pm me ill be around ^^
i miss u all

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

   happy easter!

happy easter every1!
last night...
the Blood+ grand finale..
WAS AWESOME!!!! but very sad, ill miss staying up all night just to see wat happened lol.
wonder wat they gonna show now.
today we went to barnes and noble...then coldstone...thats purdy much all i gots to say rite now....soooo ya ill ttygl
♥sailor crabby

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


im back lol
and im spring break! wooooo!!
i was trapped on the other otaku so... i havent been on 4 a while...
well anyways...
how are yall!!!!???

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Friday, February 29, 2008


omg i just love that song from john lennon! but when david archuleta(american idol) sang it one tues day i was totally left breathless i was like woah. i bought it on itunes so im listening to it until i hate it...which is never lol
so how are u guys doing?
i got to sleep in today cuz we didnt have bowling class so i went to school at around 9:30 just in time for my next class. in art i made a "piggy" bank...except its not a piggy, its that rabbit thing from chobits, i think it turned out pretty good. my teach gave me 100% ^^ shao!
well thats pretty much the hight lights of my day.
ill see ya guys around k?
♥sailor crabby
1.do u watch american idol?who ur favs?
2.wats ur fav sandwich?
3.wat super power would u like to have?
my answers:
1.yes...david archuleta, david hernandez,and asia'h so far i think theres more
2.pastrami ones that u get from the deli
3.read minds!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008


ehhhhh i gotta do this project for history on the balle of leyte gulf -_- the good thing is that im almost done ^^.
been raining all week.
deathnote and blood+ last night...omg it was wow. and that promise that saya told hagi to make... i was all emo after that lol, man there's only like 5 more episodes left till the series is over, im so sad. but did u guys hear that theyre making the live action movie for blood+? i heard that masiela lusha (carmen from george lopez) is gonna be in it, shes gonna play this girl named sharon.
in other news....well there is no other news cuz my life is that booorriinngg lol so yea
ill see yah guys around i have tooo much stuff to work on rite now.
♥sailor crabby
1.is it raining over where u live?
2.if u could change ur name wat would it be?
3.wat would be ur dream girlfriend/boyfriend?
my answers:
2.Saya lol
3. A hot guy from england who has good manners,knows how to cook,loves to draw and plays the guitar *droools*

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Friday, February 22, 2008


thank god its finally friday. we had a short day today in school but i felt like it took forever. our group finally finished reading a midsummer night's dream in english. this guy in my group is really pissing me off, hes freaking quiet! he doesnt talk at all. the problem is that well be in a group and everyone would be doing their work and he doesnt ask wat we want him to do or anything, he doesnt offer help or offer to do stuff. its kinda complicated but it just pisses me off. and he automatically assumes that hes in my group, he doesnt even ask.
well anyways other than that we had a pretty smooth day. my friend told me she had already made her own tattoo gun a long time ago and that it works great, she made her own tattoos like 6 months ago, i havent seen them but she said she was gonna wear shorts next week so i can see. she said she could gimme a free tattoo and im still thinking about it, u know of course im not gonna get it right away, ill probably get it for my 18th bday, and i still dont know wat to get. besides idk if its 100% safe to use a homemade tattoo gun
but i still think its purdy cool
well ill see ya guys around
♥sailor crabby
1.wat annoys u the most?
2.wat do u think i should get for a tattoo?
3.would u get a tattoo?
my answers:
1.ppl that i barely know who wanna work with me so i can do all the freakin work
3.maybe still thinking about it

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


is it me or does no one come on here anymore?
wellll i cant really complain since i havent been on here much myself lolz
well let's see...oh today me and my friend did our presentations today. we had to perform a dialogue from a midsummer night's dream. we modernized our script and i was puck and she was oberon. i got pretty nervous but not as nervous as last year in acting. but in the end ppl did like ours. we had to grade eachother and i looked over my crush's shoulder and saw that he gave me all 5's (which means i got a 100%) ^^ so happey.
i need to hang out with my anime guru (xiomara) hopefully if neither of us have too much hw we can. i really need to look throught the temple of anime that is her room lol.
well ill see u guys round... hopefully lol
♥sailor crabby
1.how was ur day?
2.wat was the last song u listened to?
3.wat would u do if i stalked u for a week? lol
my answers;
2.hero/heroine by boys like girls
3.umm hi?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   yo ^^

its friday...again! lol
well anyways not too bad of a week. i talked today with my crush...very happey ^^
my mom rushed me out of skool and i forgot to bring home the tuna i left from lunch...how long do u think b4 it goes bad?
we had to draw a culture "pizza" in history today. of course i barely got mine done cuz everyone wanted help.
jeeze i got nothing to talk about today
oh we had the mr. panther rally today, the skits were funny, im rooting for nick and patrick i hope one of them wins.
i had to stand through the whole rally though cuz they keep the sophomores and juniors squashed together. i barely saw anything.
wellllllll....i guess thats about it
˘žsailor crabby
1.how was ur friday?
2.do u have a three day weekend?
3.how long does it take for tuna to go bad? lol

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