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Monday, October 12, 2009

Vat be this!? I'm posting AGAIN?! And still on myOtaku?!

Yeah, I wasn't kidding when I said I'm gonna spam this place with updates again. =w= Hopefully you'll all forgive me like you did during my noob days when I ranted about not getting a good art rating or whatever I wrote in my first few posts.

In truth, I had been actively posting on dA for a bit. The reason being was that my friends are all buggers and complained about me posting my stuff here. So I caved and humored them a bit, hanging around dA. But now they're all too busy or offline to care so back to living here. And with my motivation shining through again as I mentioned last post...well, even more of a reason eh?

The only downside to this place really is the lack of a reply notice. Just know that within 24 hours I'll respond to your comment. Unless college slaps me with a fish or something. Yes a fish. Points to those who remember that old pop tart commercial.

And lookie, I made boxes so you all can actually read what I post~!

Artwise, I am currently working on a piece that won't get many views or hugs...but the character is an oldie of mine I hope will be received well by my loyal friends here.

And...I am being a bad procrastinator and have chem homework to do~

Bye bye!

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