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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My gosh...I haven't written here in so long I forgot what the old myO backrooms looked like. I'm sorry I haven't been active here at all. I still love myO, but I found out that a few members of my family were actively watching this place as well as my art and...that kinda put me off for a bit. They were treating me oddly and I suspect they took my vent posts seriously instead of heeding the 'I'm venting naow please ignore cuz I'll feel better after I type this' warning. Either way, got some odd vibes and decided to lay off a bit. Plus I will admit, the past few years have been hard for me. I've suddenly fallen into depression and have had my creative energy and...energy in general, drained away. This second year threatens to do the same, but I'm fighting it off so far. Regarding the energy bit. I seem to have strayed from the depression emo bit which fills me with great joy. I hated feeling that way.

Neways, yeah...just stopping by. If anyone knows some good html codes to get my writing in a neat little box maybe I'll update this place and get back to a regular posting. :) Got a cool playlist I can add and I'm sure I can find a new theme to get things going again.

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