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Friday, January 30, 2009

So I saw a Doctor
Honestly I try to avoid them as much as possible. I hate seeing them and am a huge germophobe so I'm always freaking out about touching things in the office. Especially since when ever you HAVE to touch something someone in the room always has to start hacking out a lung and you're like O______O" please cough the other way...you know...like away from me.

But yeah, reasons for going: I lost the hearing in my left ear. Not like, completely but enough to drive me nuts. I couldn't set up an appointment right away so I had to see them the next day (today). My gosh, eventful trip that was.

So I go in there and, of course, since I haven't been to this doctor before I had to fill out a lot of papers. Fun fun. Then I go in. They ask me what the problem is and check my ears. Apparantly it's a wax buildup (nasty). So they say to wait until the actual nurse comes in. So I wait. Another nurse comes in and checks me out, confirms that was indeed the problem, then decides to give me a check up on everything else. Okay...Found out I now weigh 91 lbs. I lost a pound...mur. Oh, and the new blood pressure devices: PAINFUL O____O My arm started THROBBING. I know it's gotta be tight, but I think there's a stopping point when your arm starts changing color and you can't feel things.

Okay, but after all that the nurse leaves, a new one comes in, once again confirms my problem, and then leaves.

Oh, and here's where it gets exciting. While I'm waiting for this new new nurse my glasses BREAK! I just pushed them back on my nose when suddenly, Pop! There went the lense onto the floor. A screw fell out of my glasses frame so the metal that keeps the lense in place flung out and dropped the lense O_o Thankfully I found the screw and fixed it myself before anyone came in (using my nails of all things as a screw driver...good thing I haven't been chewing my nails lately. My eye sight's pretty bad and I would not make it at all without glasses.)

Then the nurse who took my blood pressure comes in (what the heck?) and starts treating me (finally). Basically they shot hot water in my ear. Unfortunatly, nothing happened. So they stuffed something in both my ears (so now I literally couldn't hear anything which stunk. Especially when they asked me questions.) and made me go buy some medication to use until Monday when they'll start the real treatment.

Thankfully an hour later I could hear out my right ear again. My left is still silent. Oh, but now there's a throbbing pain in my right ear. Thank you doctor, thank you.

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