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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Right...so I got a reply. He doesn't share my feelings which I pretty much expected. It'd be a lie to say I'm not slightly disappointed, but I am happy that I didn't freak him out and he wants to continue being friends. Really when it gets down to it I just enjoy talking with him and like his company so as long as I can do that I'm content.

Been uber busy as usual. Only now I'm procrastinating in very bad ways. I had an excuse yesterday because KOREY gave me a headache with his avi. Yeah, you mind slapped me real good. To the point where I fainted from my headache and spent the next hour recollecting myself in bed. Strange considering I can watch the Pokemon Seizure Episode and other things with annoying flash and be perfectly unaffected. How very strange indeed.

I should be writing but instead I'm typing this at 12:44 at night...I blame Shin.

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