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Sunday, October 19, 2008

So...not much going on right now. Been having the usual random mental breakdowns. This time of year just always seems to get so stressful D: Which is annoying. And I can't stay focused for longer than a second which always hurts me in the long run. Wht, you're not doing your job very well, haha.

Been posting random sketches here and there. I've completed a few of them at this point but I still lack a scanner. I've also discovered that I have major dust allergies. I must remember to clean the house more often.

I changed the song on here way late, but it's a remix of Saria's Song, just perfect for Halloween coming up. I don't have time to make a costume so I think I'll end up recycling my old one and being either a cat or a witch again. Hopefully my one friend won't come on and read this cuz she'll try and force me into something like a flapper costume or who knows what.

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