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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sooooo, yeah...I've had a stressful week and it doesn't seem to be improving. Lots of problems and some depressing news from my friends. I swear sometimes men can be so heartless. (not saying women aren't cuz there are plenty of chick's I want hit for being so mean to guys). *sigh* but whatever.

I've been on an odd Disney/Dreamworks kick. Playing all the Disney songs done by Phil Collins and Elton John. They rock. I wish Disney would have 2D movies with good songs in them again. I know the "Princess and the Frog" is coming out and it's 2D but I'm still skeptical. Bring in a decent song and I'll be all over it.

And about my last post about the scanner; I was just worried about it cropping my work because it's tiny. But I decided against using it. My friend let me use it while she went out annnnnd...man, she did not tell me how bad her computer was virused O_o I had to turn that thing on and off 6 times within a half hour. The computer's virus protection was complaining it was out of date and that her computer had 40+ viruses, trojans...then a window pops up saying something is hacking in and taking personal/private information O_O" Popups galore too. And when I tried to get on internet it would take me there, then spazz and take everything off the screen. So in short, I gave up trying to use her scanner and just left. I've offered her a few free virus protection sites but she says virus protection is blocked on her computer (?) because of its location...her computer was pretty new too...I'm starting to suspect she's not very tech savvy. Especially when she said she could plug the scanner in my laptop without realizing you need a program for it. And she didn't know what wi-fi was.... '~'

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