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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   This is not mine so dont blame me fer stealing i just luv this girls poetry!
She walks into a crowded hall,
her eyes drawn to the floor.
She says 'be brave' but inside she prays,
she'll make it to the door.

She knows the eyes are on her,
theyre ready to attack.
She tries to find the strength inside,
to send the cold stares back.

She hears what they are saying.
She knows of their cruel plans.
She avoids the looks as all her books
are pushed out of her hands.

The bell rings once, twice, three times,
and she;s left out in the hall.
Someone walks by and kicks her hard,
then laughs to see her fall.
Now if they'd really see her,
look at her face to face.
She comes back with her head held high,
real and true amazing grace.

*sniff*so sad!

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