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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am waiting for the first person to give me a comment since i have been back....lol if you give me a comment you win a prize....i always say that but its never true....actually if you give me a comment i will come to your site everytime you update for a week and ill give you a comment....lol i think thats a good deal....i dont know why ppl like comments so much on these blog things but its just so fun. anyway my day was good....i won outfit of the day again...yea i was wearin a layered looking shirt thats hot pink and gray then i wore a black cami over it then i wore a black skirt and a neon green studded belt....yea so i won and i was wearin checkered socks and blue high tops....there is this really hot guy that lives down the st from me and he is bein nice to me and talkin to me more lately and i think he likes me and my friend thinks he likes me....but yea....anyway....yea. James was bein nicer today but he was still bein his playa self....he asked two girls out tin one period!! i was like omg and i was yellin at him cuz that is soooo wrong, and these girls were sooooo ut of his league..omg but yea. well i am gonna go look at some sites now buhbye
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