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Monday, January 23, 2006

I am soooo gonna start getting on here more! i havnt been on forever and i was lookin at the pms you guys sent me....i have so many friends on here that are so sweet...well yea my christmas was good i got wat i wanted... an ipod :D lol...Yea i have been on myspace and xanga and all those other things...and for a while there my computer was down so i couldnt get on at all...now i am stuck here with my windows 98 while the xp is in the shop and it really sux cuz this is an old computer and its slow....well enough about me complaining! im gonna do some things to this site then hopefully i will get off my lazy ass and get it up and running again and tomorrow i might come around to sites...boy this is cool i havnt been on here in forever and i really have been kinda getting out of anime...but im gonna get back in the zone :D lol well buhbye
lots of luv

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