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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Miss me much? I bet you did. ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! *woot* I wanna ipod lol. Wat are you guys gonna get me? Its ok you dont have to get me nothing....it would have a hard time gettin to my house since you dont know my address. Im in GA right now for christmas break....i just decided to post on myotaku cuz i already posted on xanga and no one is on bebo. Me and james are still havin a rocky relationship as bf/gf goes. But we are still good friends....ummm everything else has been good...ya... Im listening to hawthorne heights niki fm. I love this song. Who else likes hawthorne heights? I just started likein them they are really good...sometimes it feels good to listin to some really loud music. They remind me of fall out boy....and i like them alot too lol. I cant wait til christmas. I bet you guys are thinking right now, "Man i miss readin sabbys long posts!!! she better get on everyday now!" lol well ill try lol to some of the ppl who are still my friends....even though i havnt been on in forever and i never go to ppls sites....if your gonna delete me, could you warn me first? lol well im gonna go now.


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