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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hello ppl. Im sorry i havnt been on much and lookin at ppls sites...i hope most of you didnt delete me from your friends list. Last night i talked to james on the phone forever....and then we talked on the phone alot today :D so yea. Sangokirara is kinda mad at me cuz me and him prank called her i told her that i was goin out with him again and she doesnt like him....so she got mad...but james was on the phone the whole time and he wanted to hear wat she would say....i feel kinda bad and i told her i wouldnt do that anymore but she is still kinda pissed at me. I went to the mall today and i got teo pairs of shoes and a jacket one of the shoes were fuzzy boots, i was talking to james and i was like, "They look like goat feet," and he was like, "Goats are sexy." lol it was funny. Then the jacket is just pink its all soft and stuff. the other shoes green pointy toed ones...they were like wool sorta...they are cute but i wore them today and i already got blisters. lol. Well i think im gonna go now...ill post lata or tomorrow or somthing.

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