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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So some dude on myspace just commented me about this thing I've got on my profile.
I said something about Tokio Hotel, and he goes, "It's Tokyo Hotel, by the way. With a Y. No offense, I'm just a very pretentious Japanophile."
o _o
Sir, may I make a suggestion?
Learn the band's name and how they actually spell it before commenting like that.
It's be like someone telling Phil that Rei's name was spelled 'Ray'.
I dunno, it just kinda annoyed me.

I haven't been too good.
Been very...depressed.
Everything in life's so boring and repetitive.
It's all so annoying...
There's too many idiots at school.
I don't mean booksmart idiots.
If I mean that, I'd include myself.
I mean those immature people who stick gum in people's hair and act all gangster and laugh when people get shoved down the bleachers.
A group of them pushed my face into my locker today.
I mean, I know it's not the prettiest thing, but c'mon, at least you could've just told me to wear a paper bag instead of making me get a mouthful of books and then laughing about it.
Bunch of worthless creeps.
= o=;;

Anyway...that's all for today, I guess.

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