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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   I don't greatly dislike you Phil! < 333
The cards that Phil sent us came today. :D I had a giant Axel. Okay, not giant...but...but... HE HAD MISLETOOOOOOE. *Has no clue how to spell that* >:DDD Bwahahaaaa.
So yeah. xD It was pretty awesome. And Sis' has a ROD character on her card. Possibly Nenene...? xD It had all kinds of interesting book titles. xD Made mom laugh muchly. x3

And I know 5 things I want for Christmas. Only 5. xD And two of them are Miyavi CDs. I want Galyuu and Gagaku. If I can, I'll tell mom and dad. See if they can order them fer me. I'm kinda guessing the can't, but still... Won't hurt to ask. xD

I also found a Miyavi video I like. xD
Watch if you want. You don't have to. :3
For those of you who do watch, I'm sorry for the bad video quality. Dx
Anyway. It's "Hatachi Kinebi". Also called, "Happy Birthday" and "Peter Pan Syndrome". xD

I love the part at th end when he's all like, "Oh. Aww... SHIT." xDDD
This was like, his first live solo song ever. He says something along the lines of, "Happy re-birth day to me". Er...that's what it sound like. >.> I don't know.
Anyway, from what I understand, since Dué le Quartz broke up, he's been a solo artist. Therefore, this song was about him being re-born into Miyavi. :D But I really don't know. xD I'm probably totally wrong. xDDD

And this one. I'd like you to watch this one, or at least some of it, but I've no way of making you. xD So you don't have to.

If you did watch... Tell me what you see in the background. On the shelves... If I'm not mistaken, there's that thing... That thing that Phil likes... Maybe...? (NO, it ain't yaoi. ~_^}
But yeah. Posted that video for 2 reasons:

1. Things in background.
2. The song kicks major arse.

But I honestly hate the way Miyavi looks in this video. I love the song to bits, but Miyavi's look himself... It's not him. Back when he was in Dué le Quartz it was totally him... Not now, though. D: I like his awesome rainbow hair. Dx

So now that I've wasted more of your life, I'll shut up now. >.>

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Monday, December 4, 2006

Quick update. *Spazz*
Okay. So I've got two videos. And a place where I can post them... So that means I have postabable videos... >.>

And this is a really quick update, so there.

Video 1-

*Gigglesnort* I dunno. This just made me laugh. It's probably just acting, but still.

Video 2-

This is from Miyavi's former band, Dué le Quartz. Done sometime in 2001. It's their last performance and Miyavi (guitarist) and Sakito (lead vocalist) are all torn up. Never have I gotten emotional over a video, but I almost cried during this one. You're probably thinking that I'm an idiot for caring and that it's all just for publicity and that it's stupid and crap, but think about it. It's sort of like losing your best friend(s). I don't know if you care, but I'll admit, I'd probably go emo and cry and all that if you guys were gone. I never show it, but I...
Forget it.
Nevermind... Wasn't important anway... -_-

I'm leaving now. >.>

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hatameiwaku jimushi!! >:0
Odd title. Just called you an obnoxious maggot. :D

So. Remeber Alvin? The DDR god? Everytime I go to the mall, I see him. I tried to stalk him, but mom and dad wouldn't let me. D: Oh well...

I'm sick. Yep. Got some kinda virus. On Tuesday when I came home from school, I told my mom that I felt like crap. So she took mah temperature and said I had a 102 degree fever. D: Had to stay outta school yesterday and today. That sucks. Most normal people would be glad to stay outta school. But I'm not normal. So now I'm buried under 4 tests and a buttload of homework. -_- SCREW IT ALL.

*Sighs* At least I've got Miyavi. xD Found a eally funny video of him. He's spazzing.
My favorite parts are at 3:04 and 5:05. *Gigglesnort*

Maybe it'd make more sense if I knew Japanese... xDDD

By the way, I got tired of mah Axel background, so I made a really quick Miyavi one and threw it on here. Miyavi-sama is only temporary, folks! So no yelling at me, ujimishi! >:0

*Cough* >.>

I feel crappy.
Bye bye.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

   The DDR god...was really, really hot. >.>
Fweeee!! *Dances around* I'm in a really good mood today!

I shall tell you about the DDR god.

We were at the mall yesterday with our grandma and we were walking past the arcade place, and I always look over to see if anyone is DDRing, so I looked over and saw some DDRers. (Of course. xD)
And one of them was GORGEOUS. He was very slim, had black, longish hair, a lip peircing and was wearing really tight pants. He was pretty good at DDRing too. He. Was. So. Friggin'. Hot. *Nosebleeds*
So I grabbed my sister and started squealing and fangirling. xD Then me and my sister asked our grandma if we could stay and watch. She said yeah, so I got plenty of time to drool. I also got some inspiration for a picture too. :D Erika, a classmate of min, was with him or at least, seemed to know him. xD I'm gonna ask her about him tomorrow.
And as we were leaving the mall, I saw him by a huge Christmas tree still doing DDR motions. :///D I GOT TO SEE HIS FACE THAT TIME. *Passes out*
I'm gon' stalk 'im! >:D

So yeah. We went to Wal-Mart and I got two CDs. Nickelback and Papa Roach. I love the one Papa Roach song. This one here.


So yeah. I don't really have anything more to tell you guys... So go away. :D

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

   Anime conventions, back-popping, anime fans, and Azumanga Daioh. =D
So yeah. I've discovered an amazing thing.
Azumanga Daioh.
Yes. Amazing indeed. Sis bought the anime and I've already watched the whole series. Took me a day and about 2 hours to do so. =3
Great series. Although, there was no real plot-line... Kind of confusing, but oh well.
I love Osaka! xD She's just so spacey it makes me wanna hug her and then whack her upside the head! < 3
And Sakaki's pretty cool too. =3 I died at the part when she was at Chiyo's house hugging Mayaa. xDDDDD
Anyway, great show. Go watch NOW.
Go NOW, fatboy!

Anyway, Sis and Mindy are (Possibly) going to an anime convention in Knoxville tomorrow. I probably can't go because I have to go shopping. I have no long sleeved shirts. At all. xP So yeah. Even if I was able to go, I'd probably just end up getting grumpy/pissed off and ruining the whole thing for everyone anyway. It'd probably be best if I didn't go.

I've also got two stories for you.

The first is about an interesting discovery, and the sencond is how I got my back popped. By a midget. ...A somewhat cute midget. *Shifty eyes*

Anyway, on to the stories!

Well, I was in english class and for some reason we were talking about Q-tips and how the box always says, "Do not insert into ear canal" and Mr. West (My english teacher) was like, "Well DUH! That's kinda what they're there for!"
And a few minutes after that someone was being all happy and cheerful about kitty cats and Mr. West apparently isn't too fond of cutsey things so when he assigned us our work, he told us to draw a cat on the back of it when we were done.
And I did. My kitty was all anime-fied and stuff. It had a Q-tip stuck in it's ear and it was screaming and stuffs and then my teacher saw it and he started laughing.
Then, outta no where, he asked, "So, do you watch a lot of anime?" and I was like, "WHAT?" So that got us started on anime and he said he really likes Ghost in the Shell and Ninja Scroll.
So we were in our own little anime world, wasting class time, with a bunch of idiots staring.
It just struck me as funny. I mean, out of all the anime fans I could've found, it was my teacher! xD

And now, the amazing story of how my back was popped. By a midget.

So there's this guy named Dalton in my science class, 'kay? Anyway, our schedule was messed up and our lunch period was in our science class for some reason and we were going to lunch and Dalton was in line behind me and all of a sudden he asked me if I wanted to have my back popped and I was like, "Um... O-okay... 0.o" So then he had me fold my arms in an X shape across my chestal area and then jabbed his thumbs around on my spine. It tickled greatly. And then he picked me up pretty much by my armpits and did some kind of pelvic thrust/disco move thing and then my back popped. Alexia said it sounded like some bones cracked! xD
It still amazes me how he was able to pick me up... I'm not really fat or anything, but he's somewhat short. Only comes up to my shoulder blades, actually. I'm not very tall myself, though...
But I was like, "Holy crap Dalton!! How'd you do that?!" So yeah.
Highlight of my day. Having my back popped by a cute midget. =D

So. Now that I've wasted some of your valuable life, I'll be leaving now. I'm just kidding about your life being valuable and all that. You're actually just a worthless piece o' crap. =D
But you're my piece o' crap.

Au revoir, baby! *Disappears into a puff of sparkles*

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

So yeah. I got the game Okami and I've almost beaten it. I think... xP
Awesome game. The graphics look like a painting and the main character if a wolf named Amaterasu.
Anyway, there's an evil dragon who's been sealed away for 100 years after he was slain by Shiranui, a god in wolf form, and Nagi, a warrior dude with a big sword. Shiranui and Nagi were both killed and 100 years later some idiot comes and releases the dragon, whose name is Orochi and an unspeakable evil fills teh world and stuffs. Shiranui is reincarnated as Amaterasu, (whom I call Ammy for short) and Ammy has to go save the world with the help of her perverted little bug Issun. =D
To do this, Ammy must...okay well first off, Ammy's a god. Yep. God of Sun. So Ammy has to go to different places, purify them and learn new brush techiques from gods that were sealed away when Orochi was defeated. Ammy controls a Celestial Brush which allows her to learn brush techniques from the random gods she encounters and paint atuff.
...Just play the friggin' game and stop giving me that look!

And I just figured somnething out that made me squeal. No seriously. xD
This is offa wikipedia.org and it's about Kingdm Hearts: Chain of Memories. So if you don't care about that, skip over this section.
"In the newest issue of the magazine V-Jump, it has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is currently being remade for the Playstation 2; this new version has been dubbed "Kingdom Hearts: re:Chain of Memories". This includes full 3D battles and worlds, as well as voice acting. The release dates have yet to be confirmed. At Tokyo Game Show 2006; it has been now confirmed that there is new cutscenes that were not in the original game. The Reaction system (Triangle Button) is added and it is confirmed that Reverse/Rebirth will still be in Re:CoM." - Quoteth the Wikipedia.
Thay'd better not be lying. I'll kill them.
If they remake CoM for the PS2, than I get to see Axel again! And then I get to see him murder Vexen! And then I get to see him with his MAJORLY psycho face! AW YEAH! *Squeals the all-mighty Fangirl Squeal*

Ahem... Okay. I'm back now. *Shifty eyes*
Um. Yeah. I think I hate wolves. They're so hard to draw... Especially when they're howling. *Dies* That sucks...

Hm. I was going to say some more stuff, but my mind blanked out. Crap, man. D=

So seeing as my mind is all psycho, I'll-- I'm hungry.
I'm leaving.... *Runs off to find food*

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

   Aw, this looks so fun!!
I found a video of random people at this year's Otakon and they're all dancing! xDDD Looks like fun!

It's like...everyone just puts aside their differences and does the macerena! :D

I'd love to go to a convention someday. Don't think I'll ever get to though.

Oh! And there's another Phil. Dad saw this guy somewhere I can't remember and they started talking and the guy said his name was Phil and he was from England too! But Dad said he's the old Phil, not the l337 button-mashing, toad-in-da-hole cooking Phil.
And speaking of toad-in-the-hole, Mom made it a few nights ago. Wasn't as good as when Phil made it though... ^^; It was more like toad-in-a-dry-biscuit when Mom made. it. x)

I've been drawing a new picture of Axel and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. HE'S SHIRTLESS TOO. < 33333 *Drools* He's got his back to the veiwer(s) though. I can't really draw male anatomy... ^^; And I don't wanna buy any anatomy books. o_o One time, I saw a manga one and a real-life one crammed together and I accidently grabbed the real-life one and I was like, "OHMYGAWD!! 0_0" So yeah... o_e
ANYWAY... I'm attempting to give him wings. Yes, wings. I'm not sure what kind though... The huge feather-filled angel wings just wouldn't fit Axel, even if they were black wings... I might just try to make my own wing style. xP If I ever finish it, I might post it on here. I'll put it on Gaia for some much neede C&C before it goes on here though. =3

And for Halloween, which is also the day that FF12 comes out, I wanna be an bloody Namine. Sis said it'd be freaky/stupid though...
It'd be interesting to see how it would come out anyway. xD

And if I ever go to a convention, I can't be Namine or Kairi. Because that would mean showing off my scrawny, vainy, chicken legs. And that's a big no-no. D= I'll be a chibi Axel! xD I've seen plenty of female Axels, so there could be a chibi one too! xDDDD
Or not. o_o
Ooooh! I could be a Dusk! (Dusks are a type of Nobodies form KH2) I've been Dusking around the house lately. :3 Dusking is like...a walking pelvic thrust. xD Only the Dusks do it better than me. >.>

So yeah. I did my book report on Monday. I was just too lazy to post about it. xP I read it, but no one could hear me so the teacher made me read it over three times before she finally told me just to sit down. And the night before the report, I had a freak-out and I was crying... That's just my way of dealing with things. I either cry, or get really ticked off/grumpy. This time I was crying, and now my mom thinks there's something wrong with me. She told me she wants me to go to a counsler. I really hope she was just kidding though, 'cause that has me kinda stressed now. ^^; (By the way, if you're Mindy, Sis, Meeber or someone else who knows my parents, please don't tell them I said this. I'm afriad they'll be mad with me. I just needed to get that crap off my chest...)

Ummm...I can't really think of anything else to say right now, though. I think I'll go work on my Axel picture.
Byes! *Glomps the random post-readers*

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Friday, September 1, 2006

   Ugh... More reading out loud...
I've got to write a book report thing on a book and I have to read it out loud. The teacher said it could be any book... I considered doing a manga, but then everyone would consider me even more of a freak, and I don't want that... I have no clue what book I'm going to write about, but the report is due on Thursday. T_T Not fun...

I've also got another essay to write. This time it's about scars. xP And I'm a caution freak, so this essay's gonna suck. I don't even remember if I've got any scars! Gaaah!! Dx The good news is, he said we didn't have to read this essay out loud! YAAAAAY!!

In other news... I've been playing around on KH2 trying to level up and beat Sephie. It's not working. I've also been using my Drive forms and trying to get Anti-Form because that form looks AWESOME. It's like a total goth Sora, only not! xDDD It's teh shiznit.
And I've been confused about The World That Never Was... In the room called Proof of Existence...well...crap. I forgot that neither Mindy nor Kyrie have gotten anywhere near that far yet. -_- So me no can tell.
And also, I really wanna know Zexion's weapon, dude. Someone said that if you look REEEEEAALLY close, you can see the base of a sword, but I saw nothing. And people are all spazzing out because they think Zexion's gonna be in KH3, but Tetsuya-sama...no, Tetsuya-dono confirmed that KH2 finished off the story of Organization XIII. So that has me a little bummed... I thought there might be a chance that...well, y'know... *Points to site and avi* But I guess not. (If you know what I'm talking about, PLEASE DON'T SAY. I've some friends who have yet to get that far. ^^; *Twitch*) So...ummm...I've been trying to design myself as a KH2 character, and of course, it looks nothing like me. But I think I've figured out what weapon I'll give myself. I might use some spiffy twin blades with an element or two fused in... Maybe fire and darkness... I dunno. xP And I'm having trouble with mah Keyblade. Danged thing won't turn out the way I picture it. Oh yeah, the picture of Axel I've been drawing, I haven't worked on it in FOREVER. xP I need to start back on that soon...

So I'm bored and I've got the sudden urge to go stare at Namine's pictures in the White Room. I'm gonna go and stare bow. =D Wanna see if she drew any Axel fanart... xD Heh heh.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

   Konnichiwa hentai baka.
I'm confused now... I heard from Ky-chan's cousin Alexia, that they have Kingdom Hearts manga at the Book Fair at my school... Alexia said it has Axel on the cover, so I've been doing some research crap to see if there's any KH manga with Axel on it. I've only seen one so far, but the Chain of Memories manga isn't supposed to be coming out here until sometime in October. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if they have it. ...Man I hope they do!!

Anyways, I was trying to make a new desktop... A Roxas x Namine themed one, or Organization XIII. I couldn't find any pics, so I went to a site that's nothing but KH videos and news and I saw an article thing about a Kingdom Hearts novel... It said it was called Tears of a Nobody and was about Organization XIII. It stated that the Organization do have feelings but are missing a heart... It's confuing. o_e

So I searched Wikipedia.com and couldn't find it, but I did find this bit of information.
Here. You read now fatboy.

"A manga series is currently running in Monthly Shonen Gangan in Japan. It is written and illustrated by Shiro Amano, the author of the original Kingdom Hearts manga. Currently, two volumes of the manga have been released. It is accompanied by three novels - two set during Sora's storyline, and the third during Reverse Rebirth, Riku's game. The manga is being released in English, beginning October 2006, by Tokyopop."

...So now I'm even more confused. Holy shpit. 0__o

So now that I've thoroughly confused myself, I'll leave you with a video. One of my favorite songs, Devil Inside by Utata Hikaru.
And Utada speaks PERFECT English. Seriously. Go find one of her interveiws or something. It's odd, but really awesome. xD
Here's the video. This is actually her most heavyish song I've found yet. xDDDD

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   Miyavi's a bishie!! HAAAAAA!!
I love this video! xD
But seriously. Miyavi is a bishie. I like his hair. And I [i]love[/i] his voice. *_*
Mkay. So watch the destructive bishie.

And yes, Phil. I have too much time on mah hands.
And I just sneezed directly after typing that. So now I have time AND snot on my hands! Yatta!! =3

In other news, I'm goin' to a birthday party. Alexia's party. *Nodnod* I'm only gonna stay for about 3 and a half hours, though. I don't do parties very well... After a while, I usually snap and kill someone. =3

And it's Saturday and I've missed 3 episodes of Naruto. xD A lot can happen in three episodes. I bet Naruto's already Hokage by now. x)

And I've been attempting to draw a random Kingdom Hearts character. It's not working very well... ^^; Maybe I should stick to Keyblades...

I need to get ready for the party, so I should go now. Goodbye peeps.

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