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Monday, January 5, 2009

School Is Resuming...SUUCKS. D:
Partners Till The End... Time: 7:06pm
Music: Tsubasa Chronicles: "Lost Wings"

Hey, long time no see, right? Well, the holidays are over and I wish you guys a Happy New Year and I hope you people do well in school which includes college or if you just have the job, that then.

I found out that I failed my geometry final and got a solid "F" for the semester and now I have to go to an afterschool program for the whole semester to get the grade up and whatnot....I hate it. =.='' Though I'm free on Fridays so that's a good thing...omg, that's a good thing! I can still go to Acen on Friday! Though, I probably should just order my ticket so that I can just walk in there and be all: "YAY!"

I think I'm going to start a minor drawing business so that I can get money to spend for Acen. So...yeah. 8D'' That's what I'm going to do.

I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I'm now an artist for a webcomic on a forum! <3 It's an RP that got turned into a manga and it's all about vampires and normal humans trying to kill, well one big one named Leanna. Anyway, you guys might want to check it out once the first five pages are up...BUUUT...It's taking me forever to draw them all and then ink them. >.>'' It's hard. D: I didn't realize that it would be alot of work...well, at least, not too much work.

But, I'm doing my best as well as drawing some banners for it! So...check it out. Just PM me when it's online, I'll tell you guys when.

...That's all, I think. Yeah...>.> Oh yeah! I drew Cid Highwind but he was too big for me to put up on TheO...sorry. ^_^''

Okay, now I'm done, lol.


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