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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Wahhhhh! :(
its almost halloween! thats my favorite day of the year! lol yeah i love dressing up and getting candy (yes, i still do trick-or-treat XD) i dont kno what im gonna be yet... XP i never do and i always end up being a witch.... like i have ever since i was in 2nd grade XD
but this year my mom has skool (she's goin bac 2 skool 2 b a teacher! >.< EVIL!!! lol). she has skool on halloween! XS and now i hav 2 stay inside after lyk 5 when she has 2 go to skool on monday (which is halloween) GRRRR! NO FAIR! i wish she would just let me spend halloween w/ my friends... hmm... maybe i can??? i dunno ill ask her. XD

w/e. im probably gonna b stuck in the house givin out candy 2 lil kids in a witch costume... boring... same ol'... thing... :(

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