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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   happpyyyyy EASTERRRRRR! =3
it was so funny yesterday. okay not really. we were like, at 10:00 at night, "HOLY CRAP TOMORROW IS EASTER."

we hadn't dyed any eggs yet. so we looked in the fridge. there were 5 eggs left. O___O not a lot.

so we were like "ok, fine". so we hardboiled them. while that happened, one broke.

4 eggs left. so we looked everywhere for the dye. we couldn't find any. we decided to decorate them with stickers and glitter glue. XD while we were doing that, my sister dropped one.

3 eggs left. so we went to bed. after the remaining eggs were hidden, the dog got to one and ate it.

2 eggs left. so me and my sister found the two eggs that were decorated in stickers and glitter glue.


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   lykwoah really long break. O_____O
haven't been on since december. happy easter, peoples. acutally tomorrow is easter so w/e. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm

nothing new. =___=;;;

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   i am crying right now
several months ago, my hamster died. her name was muffin. she was very cute and fuzzy ^^ i was really sad when she died. we buried her in the backyard underneath our dogwood tree.
so i just got home from skool. no one was home but me, so i let the dogs outside so they can umm... do their business XD when i let them back in, i saw a huge hole in the ground right where my hamsters grave was. i went over 2 see what happened. there was a hole in the ground about a foot deep. next 2 it was the box and the cushions we buried muffin in. but her body was nowhere to be found. my stupid dogs must have eaten her!
im really freaked out now. but i also feel guilty b/c when i came back in one of my dogs was there all happy and wagging her tail and i smacked her and yelled at her and i bet she didn't even kno why. i feel really guilty about that but...

my poor hamster!

the nerve of those dogs, especially after they were the ones who murdered my hamster's sister!!!

then i went over to them and just talked and talked to my dogs about how they should let the dead rest in peace & stuff. i bet they had NO idea wut i wuz talkin about but it made me feel a bit betta and they were good listeners.

i hope everyone else has a bettter day *cries*


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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

   waaahhh no fair! DDDDD:
my uncle moved to hawaii!!!! NOOO! I MUST GO TOOOOO!!! ;__;


he emailed my mom. thats how i found out. my mom was reallyjealous too. it was kinda funny. she emailed him back and the topic was "you suck"

lmao XDDD

soooo.. nuthin new here...

not that anyone cares cuz teas mini twin is the only 1 who ever comments. >:(

i am so unloved. ;__;

well adios people.

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Monday, December 5, 2005

   Ooook =_=;
havent been on in a while. im still tryin 2 figure out how 2 make those durned text boxes around the posts if any1 knows... just tell me pleeeeaaaazzzeeee! O_O

yeah.... urr... sick 2day... bleh i feel dizzy...

well its supposed 2 snow today WOOOOOOO maybe there will be a snow day tomorrow cuz its gonna snow in the morning tooo whoohoo! :)

okay so theres this gurl at my skool who used to be my friend but she's such a weirdo... its like:

we're on a feild trip and her mom was a chaperone (i think i spelled that wrong O.o w/e) and its almost lunchtime. she says

"mommy me hungy!"

yeah, "hungy", not "hungry". and then she was talking to the teacher and says

"my mommy is soooo featherbrained! its like, i get home from skool and say 'mom, can i have a glass of milk?' ten minutes later im like 'mom, wheres my MILK?"

i'm like WTF? ur 13 years old! if u really want some friggn milk get UP OFF UR FAT ASS AND GET UR OWN FRIGGIN MILK!!! >:(



she also talks 2 herself in a reeeeaaaally high pitched voice... its annoying. also she has noo sense of humor and laughs at stupid stuff thats not funneh...

well.. ttyl peoples. yeah...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

;)i got out of detention... because i was sick and stayed home 2day. i thought i might've had strep throat but i went 2 the doctors and i found out that i dont. im kinda glad but im kinda not glad cuz now i hav 2 go 2 skool tomorrow :( and im probably gonna hav 2 make that detention up O_o and i'm really dreading it. this is the first time i've EVER gotten a detention EVER. i'm scared :(
but i had 2 stay hooooommeeee alone allll day and it was BOOOOORRRRRIIIING! lmao but i was ok

yeah, even tho i missed picture day =__=; and the start of this club at skool thats about drawing and acting. O.O i was really looking forward 2 it. oh well. maybe ill b able 2 come 2 the next meeting. w/e. like anyone gives a shit. =_=

soooo.... ttfn. adois, amigos. :)

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Monday, October 17, 2005

   O____________________________O damn.....
today really really sucked. i dont know wtf was up w/ people.
so yeah i woke up to my mom screaming at me cuz i accidentaly set my alarm clock an hour too early O.o and it woke HER UP! and her rooms lyk all the way upstairs XP ok so im lyk "ok, ok, I'm sorry" so i went bac 2 sleep. yeah so then i woke up a second time 2 my mom screaming at me cuz i had slept in too late and it was 15 mins before the bus comes. O.o so i had 2 rush and didnt even hav time to eat breakfast =__=; so i was starved til lunch. only at luch i found out that it wasnt hunger, my stomach just felt horrible and my throat hurt, it wasnt just dry. u know, you'd think id learn to tell the difference between that??..? XP
so then i go to tech class... and my teacher is such an ASSHOLE! OMG! its lyk every day he stands w/ his hands on his hips with his legs spread apart waiting for us to get to class. and im like


except i didnt really say that to him. duh. lol!

ok, so my locker is lyk on the other side of the skool, to i went to my locker and tried and failed to get to tech on time. so when i went through the HUMUNGOUS room to get to the HUMUNGOUS hallway and when i get there my gay ass perv teacher is standin there w/ his hands on his hips and starts screaming at me and the other four people who got there late. O.o and he's like
and i said "my locker's on the other side of the skool"
and he said "oh, ive never heard that one before!" but he was probly thinking "BULLSHIT!"

Except u know what?

I have no friends at that fucked up skool. no real friends anywayz. i really had tryed my hardest to get to class on time. but like i said.

he's a gay ass fucking pervert

serious. i hate that class.

But i hope every1 else had a better day then me. :( and i think im gonna change my walpaper. the girl in the one i have now is a bit *cough* slutty *cough* in the skirt area lol XD

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Wahhhhh! :(
its almost halloween! thats my favorite day of the year! lol yeah i love dressing up and getting candy (yes, i still do trick-or-treat XD) i dont kno what im gonna be yet... XP i never do and i always end up being a witch.... like i have ever since i was in 2nd grade XD
but this year my mom has skool (she's goin bac 2 skool 2 b a teacher! >.< EVIL!!! lol). she has skool on halloween! XS and now i hav 2 stay inside after lyk 5 when she has 2 go to skool on monday (which is halloween) GRRRR! NO FAIR! i wish she would just let me spend halloween w/ my friends... hmm... maybe i can??? i dunno ill ask her. XD

w/e. im probably gonna b stuck in the house givin out candy 2 lil kids in a witch costume... boring... same ol'... thing... :(

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   Sigh... =_=;
havent posted in a while but not much has happened. school sux... and i have alot of home work. v_v I h8 it a lot.
Yea so theres this bomb threat @ my skool. yea rite like ne1 would want 2 blow up a skool! XD
besides its probably cuz sum1 wants a 4 day weekend. since we have monday off they probly wanted friday off 2...and then theres the actual weekend.
didnt really work cuz now the whole skools on lockdown. and u hav 2 show ur id card if u want 2 go inside. my id card piccy is soooo bad! omg i almost cried when i saw it XS

v_v still got h/w 2 do... so... bye 4 now...

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Monday, September 5, 2005

   i like cheese
i have to go back to skooool tomorrrrrrooooowowww! nooooooooooo! ;________; now i hav to go bac to that same horrible skool... of evil... and evilness... or sumthin w/e.

so anyway my tooth is feeling a little betta but it still hurts when i bite into hard stuff... or something cold. O.o

yeah so good luck every 1 who starts skool 2morrow. i hope this year is better than last year. =__=;;;

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