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Konnichi wa! welcome to my site, please sign my guestbook, add me or leave comments for me to read and ill be sure to do the same ^^
my name is Paula and I'm 17years old and from the UK. Not really much to say but I love anime and RPG games. I have way too many fave animes to name but umong them are Dragonball/Z, all Tenchi series, Kare Kano, Ai Yori Aoshi, Love Hina, Happy Lesson and many more!
Here are just a few site rules that I have
1. Opinions are welcomed on this site but only within reason, please think who you might offend if you do say stuff ^^
2. this site is of course anime and rpg gamer friendly!
3.there may be slight yaoi or yuri on this site, i have nothing against it and it might appear here from time to time.. just a warning ^^
5. Please enjoy the site and if you have any comments PM me or leave a comment for me to read
6. Finally, I HATE CHAIN MAIL! Do NOT send it to me as it will be deleted upon recieving it, sorry to be so harsh but i keep getting it recently and it annoys the hell outta me!

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Friday, November 4, 2005


Konnichi wa!
well i havent really been up to much apart from college. i had my last driving lesson before my tests.. which is on tuesday.. that went ok.
oh and tomorrow im going to see the fireworks for bonfire night here in the uk. theyre usually a pretty kool display where i go so that'll be kool coz i love fireworks... >.< lol i sound like a lil kid
apart from that im working all weekend... i gotta save up to pay for my test on tuesday T.T
well thats me so im gonna go visit sites now ^^

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