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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/19/06:
i'm also a very light sleeper.

You are a peaceful sleeper. You recognize that
sleep is a necessary part of life, and
understand that there is no way for you to
fully appreciate everything around you if you
dont give yourself a break once in a while.
You are a very calm and collected person who
seems to have all of their ducks in a row, so
to speak. You enjoy life without getting
over-enthusiastic and appreciate harmony in
all things.

How do you Sleep? (Anime Pics)
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Result Posted on 02/19/06:
you know, i was almost born on st patty's day.

You are St. Patrick's Day!

What Holiday are You? (anime pics)
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Result Posted on 02/19/06:
you know, i'd really like that.

You will be an author or poet. You spend most of your time thinking up characters
and situations that sometimes you get caught
up in them. Come back to the real world once
in a while to jot your ideas down. We have the next JKRowling! Please rate and message

What is your calling in life? With manga pictures!!!
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:
awesome! i'd love to be a seiyuu...

You should star in a romance!

What Genre Movie Should You Star In? (Anime Pictures)
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:
that's awesome.

Your Japanese ANIME Name (for the girls) by greymentality
Anime Name (in Japanese with translation)Doriimu (Dream)
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Result Posted on 12/15/05:
sigh. i wish that guys were like they were in the anime but let's face it that's never gonna happen.

romantic girl
Ok you are a romantic anime girl and you love and
care for a lot of people.There is no evil in
you soul or your heart.Though sometimes people
don't feel the same way as you do you keep on
trying to change their mind.You love to help
people out and you are always happy.Keep on
trying to make the whole world smile because
you know smiles are contagious ^_^.Oh and if it
seems like there is nobody who could love you
as much as you could love them it doesn't
matter the thing is that the only thing that
matters is that he cares and loves you and it
doesn't matter how much well maybe it does but
don't set you standards to high cuz then you'll
find nobody

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:
yeah! bu ti'm a water goddess you dolt!

WOW! your the school girl Babe. Your the one who
always wears the uniforms. Your smart,special,
and lucky. Your the person in the anime series
that always fall in love or goes on cool
advanturers. You'd be the one with the weird
problems. If you were a goddess you'd be the
Earth goddess.

What type of anime babe are you?
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:

From witches who could change into cats with magic
spells, to tribes of anthropomorphic tigers
living in the jungles of Malaysia, to
bloodthirsty werecats of Japan who would prey
on humans for sustenance, tales of werecats
rival their more well-known werewolf cousins in
number. As a werecat, you are aggressive, fiercely
independant, short-tempered and prone to
violent outbursts. You can also be very kind
though, by protecting those you care for from
those who wish to do them harm. Those who
befriend you are very lucky (as long as they
stay on your good side!)

Who is your inner Shapeshifter?
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Result Posted on 12/15/05:
lol. i like a guy who can make me laugh with out being stupid and that's him!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Naruto Guy is For You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 12/15/05:
*sigh* if only there were guys like this at my school. un fortunatly we got all the rejects.

You want a sweet guy. Who'ld take you anywhere.
Like Japan!!! Wow I would like a guy like that
too:) Also he looks so cute in japanese

Who's Perfect For You??? (Cute Anime Pics)
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