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Monday, December 11, 2006

   I'M BACK!!!
i'm glad to be back! it's so nice to actually feel keys under my fingers. if you're wondering, i was grounded from computer for 3 weeks! that's a long time. i was grounded for a stupid reason too, i was on the computer without my mother's permission. now, i love my mom, i love her to death, but there are times where i think that i'm about to go insane because of her. she is one of the most controlling people that you will ever meet, or hear about. but at least i'm back on.

so, my dad got this awesome laptop, in fact, i'm on it right now. it has the whole shebang, able to pick up on wireless internet, wide screen, and it's got a dvd player too. it's an apple too. it's awesome.

everyone's been going on about the new Eragon movie, but they are so going to ruin it. i mean, what's happened to every single movie based off of a book? they've all been horrible. so i doubt that i'm going to even see it. so if any of you are going, tell me how it was and if i should see it so that i can bag on it.

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