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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

   A Letter From Lauren And Happy Halloween!
I'm so happy! Today I recieved a letter from a dear friend of mine that moved away this year. She says that she's doing fine and that she misses me (awwww! ain't that sweet), that and she's become a proud garra fan girl. She even went so far as to marry him over the internet and she has a ring to prove it. Lol. Why spoil her fun? She also says that lots of boys are flirting with her, but she doesn't like any of them. She even has a bodyguard by the name of, "Dwight 'Bubber" Looney". That's a different name isn't it? Oh and zehntrahrah! She wonders why you haven't replied to any of her e-mails. She says that she's sent a lot. And she wants your address to send you a letter.

And on another note, I'm going to "supervise" trick or treating with some friends of meh little brother's. Yum, free candy! I have an awesome costume. Maybe I'll get a picture and post it!!!! Lol.

Have a Happy Halloween!

~the ever excited Shorty

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