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Monday, October 30, 2006

a quiok recap of meh days
ok sorry that i haven't been on since forever. i was at meh dad's. so let's begin on friday. i called school in sick. so i stayed home and meh dad came and picked me and meh little brother up and we went home. meh dad's at another rough spot with his girlfriend. this is the second time that they've broken up, but i really like her. i hope that they get back together.

saturday we went to barnes&noble. and i got meh costume! it's so damn awesome! dark priestess! w00t! i'm so happy! and meh mother has this necklace that's just gaudy enough to go with it! it rocks! and it sorta goes and nestles in me chest almost... oh well! i'm gonna look so damn hot!

sunday we came back home and that's about it.

well, i have a problem. i can't decide on whether or not i should go trick or treating!! so what should i do?

oh and did i forget to mention that i have to get up at 4:30 am and get ready for basketball practice at 6:00? yeah, not looking forward to that...

~the confused and soon to be cranku shorty

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