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Friday, October 20, 2006

End of the season, New beginning, and paranormal activity
Yet another post. I've decided to update and get the 3rd chapter of Phoenix Wings up finally, I've been way to lazy. So check it out if you want to. If not, then don't.

Volleyball season is now over. And I'm sad. I love volleyball even if i don't necessarily get along well with my teammates all of the time. But now on Monday, basketball season starts and I'm planning to go out for it. So yay for me.

Sorry about my lack of enthusiasm today. I'm just way to tired. And I think that I'm coming down with something. It's really cold here today.

Random Question: Do you believe in ghosts?

Strange question I know, but I honestly don't see how people have such a hard time believing. If you can believe in God (which I do), then why can't you believe in ghosts?

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