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Monday, September 18, 2006

   tired and sore
hello my online comrades. i'm so tired, we had volleyball practice today and our coach took us really hard. and i've got shin splints. but on the up side i found a book i was looking for. and tomorrow we have a game. i hope that i get play this time though. i've also ordered fushigi yugi vol. 4 from barnes and noble so it should be here in a little while.

in depressing news, my dad is having a rough time with his new girlfriend. she was married before and my dad called her stupid. and she flipped. i really liked her and her sons too so i hope that it all works out. ugh, i feel somewhat depressed. and confused. but we'll see. i hope that something happens. and something good.

well, thanks for listening to me whine. ciao!


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