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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

   september 11th
i just don't know what to say really. i was in 3rd grade when it happened and i still don't understand fully. maybe that's because i still don't know what the twin towers were. all i know is that the world has gone to hell. and if i may say so, i believe that it is so wrong to be fighting over in iraq. well mostly, i mean, they didn't even want us there in the first place and now all of our soldiers are dying because the enemy is in their own backyard, while we don't have a clue what we're doing. of course this is all from an eighth grader's point of view. so what ever. but i really believe that iraq will just be another vietnam. but i pray to god that it won't be and that our brothers and sisters aren't just out there dying for nothing. you may all be asking yourselves, why in the world is she giving this long of a post? well, it's because, i'm someone who can't draw worth a damn. so sue me, but my real talent lies in writing. i've had all of my english teachers compliment me on how well i do in the subject. and no, i'm not just doing this to brag, i'm doing this because this is the only real way that i can honor those who died. and this is the only real way that i can voice my own opinions and not get judged. for all you guys know, i'm just an 8th grade girl, you don't know who i am or where i really live so you can't judge me as fast as you can in real life. people do that so often that it sickens me. and i'm not saying that i'm innocent of doing it! hell, i've done that many times before, and i'll probably do it again, but at least i try not to treat other people like dirt. to those of you who were kind enough to give a damn about what i have to say, thank you. to all the rest, good night, and be strong. i'm not gonna hate you because you have no time for other people. because sometimes i don't either.
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