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Friday, August 25, 2006

   problems with mom
well that's only part of the problem, you see, my mother and i don't exactly have the complete "mother daughter relationship" thing. and i have been doing everything i can, but she doesn't listen, and she doesn't like it when i try to explain things to her. and so, she's been nit-picking about everything! anything she can find! sigh, god give me the strength. please wish me luck to survive for a little while. she gets to stay home for 4 days now so i'm as you can probably imagine, ecstatic (sp?). god help me

well, that and yesterday i went to my WEB meeting. WEB stands for where everybody belongs. or is it where everyone belongs? i dunno, does it even matter? well it's a program for the new 6th graders, and the 8th graders run it. we show them the school and show how it's not right to bully other people. stuff like that, and apparently we're also role models for them. lol, i can't even begin to imagine how twisted the kids that the bob-twit (my best friend's boyfriend) will be. he's pretty much as insane as my best friend minda. lol. and the ones that are under me will be even more twisted, more or less because i don't do well under stress. sigh. well monday is the 6th grade orientation and that means dooms day for us. i gotta go. wish me luck, i'll be needing it.

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