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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

omg, so we went to the beach with my dad and his new girlfriend, and her son. so it was really hot and me being the total idiot that i am, i say that i don't want sunscreen on my face because it always finds a way to get into my eyes. so i have fun at the beach cause justin, my dads' girlfriend's son shows my little brother and i how to body surf (sorta) and we go out and have fun. but when we left, my cheeks are burning hot. at first i shrug it off, but then it gets worse. apparently, lorraine (dads girlfriend) is REALLY sunburned, so when we find a resturant (sp?) it's frickin hot and my icy cold fingers save me. but now i am so totally suffering. i got blisters on my face, i can barely sleep and it's waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too hot!!!! that just goes to show me now doesn't it.

(sorry if spelling hasn't been it's best. i've been taking tylenol for a while now)

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