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Thursday, May 18, 2006

ok so yesterday i didn't exactly get back to typing but anyways, i was late to school today! our toilet overflowed *no it was just water* but you know the tank that fills it back up when you flush? it wouldn't stop filling. blech. so me being the kind sister i am, took control and told my little brother to get to school while i myself was about 2 hours late. sigh, at least i know that my little bro is having a good time on his field trip. anyway, the water went into the hall and into the pantry but the food was saved by a cardboard box and plastic wrapping. and no the water wasn't high. it was very low, though it was almost like a swamp in the bathroom. did i mention that my mother was in vegas and my dad was working? oi vay. i feel slightly better now.

hope that you all are doing fine! anyways, we only have a couple 20 days left of school so that's good news right?

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