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Friday, April 14, 2006

   Backed By Popular Demand!
Okay, so you guys have asked for me to put my story up on the site so i guess i will! presenting Phoenix Wings Chapter 1!!!

Phoenix Wings Chp.1

A girl... not just any girl... the girl... the one you see... but never really do... will save us all... but the enemy must not find her... we must find her first... if not... all is lost... I leave it to you, my children... find her... teach her... though you may not accept her at first... she will deliver you... please... you must find her... the savior...

Chapter 1

"Hey give him back! Mommy!" A little girl's voice rang out in the halls of Koji-ya Orphanage.


"Ha ha! Try to get your stupid dolly back now!" Another voice. This one a little boy's.

"Hey, Kouyoku?"


Come on Kouyoku, get up. You're needed."

"Waaaahhhh! Mommy, help!

Someone pushed a young girl's body. "Kouyoku" was still feigning sleep. Even though crashes, heavy pounding footsteps, and yelling were heard. Someone was rough-housing again.

"Kouyoku, you'd better get your sorry butt outta bed and stop them before they hurt themselves!" The older girl's voice kept on nagging. "I know that you're awake, now get out of bed or Iíll get a bucket of cold water and dump it over your head!"

"Shut up Shiroko! I'm tryin' to sleep!" Another voice. this one an older boy's.

"Shut up Midori!" Shiroko answered.


" Na na!" The little boy's voice rang out again.

"Grrr.... All of you shut up!" Kouyoku's voice made everyone jump. "Natsumi! Meiwaku! Get over here! NOW!" Her harsh voice rang through the halls and everyone knew that some unfortunate soul had annoyed Kouyoku. There was bound to be trouble.

Then, the door to the older dormitories creaked open slowly and light flooded in. It was twilight outside and the stars were just starting to appear in the sky. The sun was sinking below the hills in the distance casting everything in the countryside in its fading orange glow. Most of the other children were already asleep. Though a few still remained up and about. The few that were about had slept through last night's thunderstorm. It had lasted most of the night so many of the children were tired, and that included Kouyoku.

Two small figures appeared in the doorway, one slightly taller than the other. The smaller one was Natsumi Hikari, a small red headed girl of about 3 years. Out of all the kids in Koji-uchi she was the smallest and most frail. She always carried around a stuffed animal, but she switched between the ones she had so that only one stayed for each week. This week it was a lamb by the name of Kumo. But now, poor Kumo-kun wasn't in Natsumi's hands, he was in the boy's next to her.

Meiwaku. He was a bit older than Natsumi, 5 years to be exact. To many of the younger kids, he was a tyrant; to those older than him, he was a pest. Every day, someone (usually Shiroko) would find his greasy little black head sneaking as he searched for money or anything else of value. he had beady little eyes, and was fairly short. He was hated by everyone.

"Both of you come here now." Kouyoku growled.

Meiwaku and Natsumi stepped forward hesitantly. There were two forces that were not to be reckoned with at Koji-uchi; the Sisters and Kouyoku. This was known to all. The Sisters kept things in line, well, for the most part. There were a great deal of children at Koji-uchi and the nuns couldn't catch every little thing that was amiss. That was where Kouyoku came in. Now mind you, she wasn't a snitch, she only held the peace, and those who tried to disturb it were taken care of by whatever means she saw were necessary.

"Listen you two, five minutes ago I was sound asleep. Having a wonderful dream. But halfway through it I was woken up. Who wants to tell me what's going on?"

Still sniffling, Natsumi stepped forward. "M-m- meiwaku stole K-k-kumo-kun from me, M-m-mommy. And wh-wh-when I t-t-tried to get h-him b-b-back, M-m-meiwaku just k-k-kept pulling K-k-kumo-kun away."

Most of the little kids at the orphanage couldn't pronounce "Kouyoku" so they called her "Mommy". These children had never known their real mothers and Kouyoku was the next best thing. Though she was strict, she was also very kind. She always knew when something was wrong and would help them through. When the thunder came the night before, she was in their dormitory trying to calm them.

"I did not!" Meiwaku exclaimed indignantly. "She told me to hold her stupid toy and started to cry! I had nothing to do with it!"

"Yes you did, and no I didn't!" Natsumi shrieked, tears starting to fall down her already tear-stained face.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Did not!"

"Did too!"

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Kouyoku roared. A silence fell over the room, broken by only Natsumi-chan's frustrated sobs. Aoku and Shiroko, who had been watching this with mild interest, were now staring at Kouyoku, as well as the others in the dormitory who had woken from the yelling.

"Thank you. Both of you tell a story that is somewhat-" she looked at Meiwaku "believable. But I will leave it to the others to decide."

She walked over to the both of them and turned to look at the others.

"All who believe Meiwaku say 'Aye' those who believe otherwise say 'Nay'."

A chorus of 'nay' came from the sleepy children.

"All who believe Natsumi-chan and believe that Kumo-kun should be returned say... well you know what I mean."

As a simultaneous chorus of "aye" was heard, Kouyoku snatched the beloved Kumo-kun from Meiwaku's clutches and returned it to little Natsumi's outstretched arms who hugged it lie a long lost friend.

"Now get out so we can actually get some sleep!" Roared Aoku.

"Shut up!" Kouyoku retorted.

End Chapter 1

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