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Monday, April 3, 2006

okay i first want to know something? where the heck is everyone? i have barely gotten any messages and barely anyone seems to be online. so what's the big deal? please pm me! it's sad seeing an empty message box.

anyway, i got some more stuff for my birthday. Here we go:
Saiyuki vol.2
Yu Yu Hakusho vol.2
Fruits Basket vol.9
Bleach vol.10
GITS: Stand Alone Complex boxed set with the soundtrack as a bonus.
and a lot of clothes!

now i will tell you one thing. i hate wearing most dresses and skirts. but if i get to choose them out myself. i will wear them once in a very long while! and as for the soundtrack that i got! it has a song where the tachikomas sing! lol! the first time i heard it i was laughing so hard! i like it.

hope y'all have a good spring break!


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