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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   where is everyone?
people seem to be disappearing from school lately and i think that it is because of illness. practically everyone has dropped out of school for at least 2 days. but guess what, the only one who didn't get sick is me. why is that? do germs just avoid a nurse's daughter? *sigh* i'm feeling left out. i know that i might be seeming very strange but honestly, that's how kids are right? when they're well, they want to be sick so that they don't have to go to school, but when they do get sick, they want to be well, i guess there's just no pleasing us.

on a happier note, my birthday is on saturday! i'm finally gonna be BEEP! sorry but i'm not telling how old i am. that's just too far for me. and fyi, the date of my birth on the site is not my real birthdate. i mean, who would put their birthdate on a website with about ten million people able to access it? but any way, another thing is is that my cousin is getting married on my birthday, man that's gonna be one huge party. but i feel ver guilty, i never got to meet the groom! he never came to any of the family gatherings that i was at. so it's not my fault is it? *sigh* i'm looking too far into this aren't i? oh well, such as my sign's nature. *i'm picses* have a good day everyone!

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