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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   this week.
this week has probably been one of the strangest that i've had all year.at the beginning it was your typical boring school week. and then it changed. on friday we had a drama day in choir, and i got the chance to fall off of a table. well guess what everybody? i did! we were doing a trust thing, and mind you, this wasn't a big table and i was thinking that my teacher was going to catch me. well guess again! he had about 8 people from my class line up in front of me on the ground and have their arms out to catch me. now mind you i wasn't all to fond of the idea at the start when my teacher was going to catch me, because, well i'm taller than him. so when people whoare even smaller than him come up behind me, i start to get a little nervous. and it was too late for me to back down so when they asked me if i was ready (sorry folks but i gotta stop right here and ask, if you ask a 5foot 10 girl if she is ready to fall off of a table, who is already scared out of her mind by the scenes flashing through her mind of her head smashing against wood. what do you think the answer that she really wants to say? well i'll tell you; HELL NO!!) but i said yes. and guess what i did y'all? i bent at my waist and let go of my shirt and nearly blugeoned two people to death *being overdramatic*. but hell, can you blame me? i was scared out of my mind. man, i must be the biggest idiot on the planet to have done that.

anyway, on a brighter note, who saw the cowboy bebop last night? i think that "Heavy Metal Queen(s)" has to be the best out of the lot. i mean come on, who can take away VT? she's so awesome! well, thanks for listening to another one of my many rantings.


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