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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blargh... iasbvnad;soibvwonfv
If you can't tell what the title means, it means that I'm sick. Just like the rest of DA. I've got a stuffy/runny nose and my throat feels like it's been rubbed with sandpaper. It really REALLY sucks...

Anyways, no one's online to talk to and I got a good haul, so I guess I'll bore you all by letting you know what I got for Christmas.

-Digital Camera
-super soft blanket that I'm curled up on the couch with as I type
-a Wii (I'll tell the story to you in a few)

Yes I got panties from my aunt for Christmas. It's a hazing ritual in my family for the girls. Don't ask me why, it just is. My mother's side of the family is odd beyond any comprehension of the word.

And yes, we got a Wii! For those of you who haven't tried to get one, IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE! The chances of us actually getting one were very low. So my dad calls my mom up on the phone. He's all like "Who's your favorite ex-husband?"

My mother: "Well I suppose it would be you, seeing as how you're my only ex-husband."

So my dad goes into his story. Apparently he was in Fred Meyer, in the produce section, and he asks one of the employees to help him. And the guy turns around and Bam! There, in his hands, is a Wii. *Insert angel chorus* Now, my mother has had everyone out hunting for one of these things. And here's this one guy who's holding a Wii right in his hands.

my dad: "Hey... What're you gonna do with that?"

the guy was holding it for a friend of his, but that friend didn't want it anymore...

Dad: "Can I have it?"

Guy: "Sure! First come, first serve right?"

My dad had to have been like "Score!" But he had to go through the store to get another controller too... he was nearly mobbed...

So yeah, that's my story. *snuggles down into the couch and watches Merlin on SciFi* And I'm sticking to it. Til later all.

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