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Sunday, October 14, 2007

now i'm certain that i'm in the seventh circle of hell...
i'm sorry for not being on lately, but... as the title clearly says, i'm in hell. and i wish to god that was an exaggeration... i'll give you the low down on what's been happening/ taking up my time and or energy/ making my life almost unbearable.

1. I'm on the swim team. this is actually a good thing or else i'd probably have gone insane by now. it's repetitive and mindless really, so i don't have to think anymore...

2. HIGH SCHOOL! oh my fucking god... (sorry god) this place is a death trap that is wasting my time and efforts, though like a good little daughter/student, i've gotten mostly a's and one b+. yay. it's just so boring, and the only classes i look forward to are choir and science, and science is my dad's class. and no, i don't have a problem with my dad teaching my class.

3. my mother and father are again, fighting. a lot. and my dad's moved in with his girlfriend. my god i really need some sort of stability other than swimming. and i don't think i was ready for this right yet. but oh well. shit happens.

4. this is the real doozy and the reason why i'm dying inside... MY FRIEND IS SCREWING HER BOYFRIEND. she's a freshie (freshman) and so's he, and she was afraid that she was pregnant... AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL? I LEARNED ABOUT THIS FROM HER SAYING THAT SHE WAS GLAD IT CAME AND BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS... oh god, i'm just so sick and tired of this shit... i've tried to talk to her, and make her see reason, but she's gonna continue to do it... and i'm tired of taking this drama, and worrying about her future for her...

don't know what to do anymore. i'm seriously considering telling her mother, but i don't know how... and i need help guys. i'm in way over my head and all this shit is about to hit the fan, and i'm in the middle of it.

*sigh* thank you for letting me rant guys. my life has just been hell lately and i needed to get it all off of my chest. i must say thank you to all the people that have been keeping my head above water these days...

(they're all on deviantart. so check out my site there for info)

she's one of my bestest buddies who can stand me talking with her 24/7 and my impatience... love her and go check out her site, cause not nearly enough people are there to appreciate her art... and you'll find some pieces that she put up that has my art on it too... that was never meant to be shown to the public... she's also the zexion in our organization.

another one of my bestest buddies and the best roxas that i know. she can deal with my shit as well, and i must apologize cyndy for all of the swearing on here... hope you can deal with it. and i hope to make it to your other party. go and check out her gallery too.

and god bless this guy, cause he's been supporting me here online. i love you my friend as a brother of course. god knows that you deal with me when i'm pms-ing and depressed. thanks a ton. gallery check... NOW!

i guess i'll see you guys when i can... when i have time...

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