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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It feels so good to be clean again!!!!! For those of you who look at my journals, you know I went to church camp (rocks!) and I've returned today. But instead of making this a huge post telling you everything I went through, I've kept a journal, so everyday I will put one up. So as to keep those of you with short attention spans interested. So here we go!

Day 2 7-17-07

Hey everyone!

Me checking in finally. I'm tired as all get out because Brady and Michael got us up too early for breakfast... Jerks, not really. They're nice enough, though when they put their minds to it, they can sing worse than your father in the shower. (*insert broken music note* Tomorrow, tomorrow! I'll love ya tomorrow. It's only a day away!)

Well let me catch you up on everything that's been happening here. After some bus trouble, we left church. A long bus ride later, we came to Mayfield. Complete with shitty showers and everything! I'm so glad I brought my cereal bars with me, because yet again, the food bites back! I'm sharing my cabin mostly with girls I know; Brittany, Beth, Heather, Payton, and Kaitlyn. As well as two I don't know, Meagan and Brooke. Our bunks as always look like they belonged to prisoners . But hey, when you're as tired as we are, you couldn't care less what you're sleeping on, so long as you have something to sleep on. Good old camp Mayfield...

After lunch (which for me was one of my eight cereal bars. Here's hoping I make it through the week.) we headed up to orientation. Our camp theme this year is superheroes, so for those of you American comic fans, go nuts. We were to bring costumes if we wanted to (I didn't because I have little to no creativity with this kind of thing)but the deans came up in costume. Like Mrs. Shower turned into Shower Power, defender of cleanliness. Of course they welcomed us to the camp and layed out the rules. Then some skit was played out where two of the guy counselors dressed up as hicks and started on NASCAR, soundeffects and everything. Then ninjas (who in my opinion looked more like Al-Quieda) came in and fired at us (with fireworks in the backroom) and kidnapped Cletus and Cletus *they're names* And that was the end of orientation.

Gotta go! Time for Chapel! To the HQ!

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