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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i'm married.... pt 2....
we are now in year 2. year 1 went great. we bought a lovely house in montana, and here's the link...


feel free to take a look at the "lake" and god do i love my kitchen. it's so awesome! we have a kitten too. it's name is oreo jr.

in year 2 our daughter got accepted to Juliard (or however you spell it) School For Preforming Arts. They agreed to pay half of the tuition which is 50,000. our income was cut in half because of some economic reason that president Woodard thought up. so now we started out with $150,000 instead of $300,000. while others were having trouble with balancing the book. i worked it out and even had enough to put $13,796 in savings as well as buy my husband $3,525 worth of sound equipment for his recording studio, a $50 guitar for my daughter, and a $750 laptop for me. i'm quite happy. that, and my husband and i took a trip to italy for a few days. we had fun.we also have a honda pilot for our car. that's all for now folks! be sure to tune in next time for the next Wacky installment! god i'm sounding waaaaaaaaayyyy to perky...

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