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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   Omg... i'm in disneyland! part 1 of umpteen
well we've been on so many rides and stuff that it's hard to rememeber every single one almost. alright the first day, we went on in this order; the haunted mansion, star tours, pirates of the carribean, runaway railroad, astro blasters, matterhorn, and indiana jones. note: pirates, space mountain, splash mountain, and indiana jones were all closed for awhile. pirates opened first, then indiana, and space mountain keeps opening and closing all the time. but splash is closed down. damn.
the second day we hit California Adventure. we hit Soaring over California, Mickey's Ears, The Ferris Wheel, Malibu Shooter, Bug's life "it's hard to be a bug" and then the grizzly river run. i got soaked to be sure.

i honestly don't understand why people bring their little children, it doesn't make sense. and tonight i'm probably going to go on the Tower of Terror. So if i don't make it back, please morn your loss. i've taken lots o pictures with different characters and such. ciao!

note: i haven't the time to look at your pages as of now so i will do better.

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