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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Break! The politacally correct way
Yes! For some of you it had jsut finished, but for me it has just started! Even though ill be working most of the summer and going to tennis matches, im still making the most of it.

Oh yea, how are you people? Havent been on for a long time. and to tell you the truth, myO has gotten boring. Sigh, ive been doing this for how long now? Who cares. But im still gonna keep at it, every century of so.

First, i got a paycheck from my church for 50$ just cuase its easter break. HOw great is that!?!? And lent is almost over. THat means i can do everything i gave up again. Yay! I wonder if theres any cons this week...?

Well i promise you to go to your site. i have the time. Well see yas'!

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