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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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SnowAngel14 (07/04/06)

Hey I really like your site and the avatar its cool well I hope u dont mind me adding u as a friend and I hope u do the same well l8ter

SomeGuy (07/04/06)

Oh goodness, goodness, look what trouble I've caused with my unattentiveness . . .

Y'know, when I first saw that you had signed my guestbook, I immediately felt that I needed to at the least return your greeting. First off, you said Shadow' had recommended my page and I trust her word quite a bit. Second, you're padawan to she who may very well be my most favourite person in the world. And yet here I am, half a week later instead of half a week earlier.

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this reply - I'm sure you've gotten it from everyone that I'm really . . . really, really bad with returning these. I promise, I will do my best to make it up to you in the time to come.

Aaaanyways, let's see here . . . new member, Star Wars fan with a background in KOTOR (I can't even remember hot to play Pazaak anymore), interested in Anthropology, very protective of her friends . . . . . for myself, I once had ambitions of Paleontology, grew up with Star Wars, and have become absolutely protective of people I care about. Yeah, I think this'll work really well . . . definitely.

Hello Jessica. I'm James, I'm 22, and I sometimes snicker when I see or hear something monkey-related. I'm very pleased to meet ya.

hinaru (07/03/06)

Hey there! Thanx for signing my GB and adding me as a friend ^^ Ohh, so Shadow told you about me huh... I feel special, lol XD
And I see that you're Shanny's padawan... awesome. Lucky you! Yes indeed.

Your site looks really good as well... I like the layout.

Well, I'm gonna add you as a friend too of course ^^ Oh, I wont be online for a while (holidays) but I'll be visiting you when I come back k?
See ya around

BurningDeamon (07/02/06)

Oi oi! So you're the famous padawan of the magnificant Shanny! Well then you should be happy about that, she's an awesome person and I know she's an awesome master too =P

Well on to the signature! Thanks alot for stopping by in my site and signing the guestbook. And I see that Shadow told you about me..and hell everyone else! The buddies you've got on your list are on mine too and hehe they are wonderous people. So I appriciate the signing you did in my little guestbook.

And second, you've got an amazing site! You are amazing in HTML I must add, haha my site looks pretty simple if you ask me XD Though I was away from the net for over a month, so I'll have something up soon enough. Anywhoo..you're e-mail on to the site is soo familiar..I could have sworn that I've talked to you before @_@ Or maybe its just me. Hahah, well I'll add you to my list if you don't mind.

Third, welcome to this never-ending-awesome community. Its like no other, simply different, like Enin said =P You'll love it so much, you'll become an addict..haha well I don't know about addict but I'm sure you'll love it here. And yes..I guess we are true people..who aren't looking to just eat space in your friend's list. I'm sure we'll become good friends.

In the end, I appriciate your visit and kind words to my site, we have all the time in the world to get to know each other. So I'll be adding you as a friend as I leave your lovely site. Once again, you're gonna love it here, hope you have so far :3

And yes..agree with Enin, you're very lucky to have Shanny as a master~

enin (07/01/06)

Good evening,

First off, I must say you've got a cute little look in this corner of yours. Your newbie aura will fade quickly with visuals like these.

It was nice meeting you online the other day. You'll have to excuse me for my consant states of distraction. It doesn't happen often and when it does, I hope you don't feel offended. And when I AM focused, I can sometimes be quiet. That said, I apologize in advance for leaking my thoughts out of my mouth in the form of vocals and melody.

I hope you've heard good things from Shanny, Shadow and CME about me. If not.... I'll make ya something pretty.

So once again, I'm happy to have met ya, Jess. You'll have fun here. I know it.

Welcome to something completely different.


- enin -

P.S. Shanny rocks. You're a lucky one, y'know...

Anomaly (06/30/06)

So you're the famous padawan, ne?
Well Shanny's doing a great job and so are you 'cause your site is far from disappointing ^__^

I'd like to thank you for the actually thoughtful entry you left on my site, because I don't see too many of those, these days xD Which explains my lack of ever returning them.. which probably gives me a bad rep =P DON'T BELIEVE THE STORIES, THEY AREN'T TRUE! Unless they're like, about me being really cute, or saving a puppy from a burning building or something. Because those are true... =3

Welcome to the inner-ring of otaku that aren't just in it to have a giant friends list XP I hope you enjoy it, bahaha. Yeah we're all pretty neat.

I look forward to seeing you around more and getting to know you! I will most definitely add you as a friend on my way out the door =D


Shigure Asa (06/24/06)

Hey i found your site, i've been goin around trying to find the coolest ones! so far ive found urs and somegirls to be the sweetest. Keep up the awesome work!! Come sign my gb and we can be friends :D

Suzukathe1st (06/23/06)

hay.its nyamo.still love ur site.come visit my new site sometime.

ShadowLight (06/21/06)

Hey there Jessica.
First I need to apologise you on behalf of not visiting your site or signing your guestbook sooner. You've visited me a few days ago and only now I've checked it out to know you've done it [although I already noticed that you commented on some of my post].

Second thank you so much for passing by and leaving a sweet message like you left, lately is very rare to find someone with such a sweet and original way to ask someone to visit their site.=)

Third congratiolations on being accepted by Shanny as her padawan believe me its an honnour to have someone like her to guide you through, there's no sweet lovable and wonderfull person like her, so your a very very lucky girl.Learn and listen on a very attentive way what she says and teaches you in the end all you've learned and heard can help you through. =)

I did checked your site to up and buttom and my oh my it looks gorgeous.It seems your quite talented girl with html, not to say that you do seem like a nice girl.

So yes this is getting way long, hehe. I've come. Seen.And liked it. I've added you and I hope we know each other better from now on.

Till next time.

Grif 2.0 (06/18/06)

Your site is awesome,Im gonna add you.


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